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Writes James Lakely in the Washington Times, "As special assistant to the attorney general in the Reagan administration, John G. Roberts Jr. urged the Justice Department to keep its distance from an eager and demanding 'new right,' even characterizing one of the giants of the conservative movement as 'no friend of ours.'" LINK

(Note Note: said "giant" is Paul Weyrich.)

The Washington Post's Jo Becker and R. Jeffrey Smith share John Roberts' advice to Sandra Day O'Connor about her then-upcoming confirmation hearings. LINK

Abigail Thernstrom opines about the Roberts nomination on the Los Angeles Times op-ed page: LINK

"In the early 1980s, Roberts had a 'rather cramped view' of the Voting Rights Act, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) has charged. The description is being echoed by civil rights groups and voices in the media. But it's hard to see the charge becoming a political winner: Roberts' beliefs two decades ago are precisely those of most Americans today, polling data suggest."


The New York Times with stories on news of day and Pirro's name ID. LINK and LINK

From the first story, the best part for insiders: "[Reporters] teased Mr. McKeon, a figure known to the Albany press corps from his days as spokesman for Gov. George E. Pataki."

"'No sound, lost Page 10: great job, Mike,' one reporter said. Mr. McKeon kept his humor, although earlier in the day, he swore at a reporter who asked when Ms. Pirro would learn about the issues."

For more on this: LINK

The New York Daily News team leads its coverage thusly: "It may have been a hot day in the dead of August, but Jeanine Pirro froze up." LINK

The New York Post leads its coverage with the Marist poll digits. LINK

The Albany Times Union's Elizabeth Benjamin Notes Pirro's decision to ditch the now infamous (missing page 10) speech text for talking points on an index card somewhere between Manhattan and Albany. LINK

Benjamin also has this: "State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long said Pirro was 'splitting hairs' with her partial-birth abortion stance. Long has said Pirro's positions on abortion, gun control and other social issues could make it hard for her to win his party's support -- without which no Republican has won statewide office since 1974."

Bush agenda:

The Washington Post's Weisman and VandeHei wonder what happened to President Bush's " once-uncompromising stand on earmarks" in light of the 6,500 or so in the transportation bill. LINK

Ed Chen of the Los Angeles Times looks at how the Golden State will benefit from the newly signed law. LINK

A couple of colorful Notes on the presidential visit to the Land of Lincoln:

1. "Bush praises Daley, bungles B-L-A-G-O-J-E-V-I-C-H," reads a Chicago Tribune headline. LINK

2. The Courier News on the "frenzied" crowd. LINK

Peggy Noonan on the President's secure base and on the First Lady. LINK

The politics of national security:

The Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen and Dana Calvo get on the front page with their look at the Cindy Sheehan phenomenon. The duo Notes, " and other liberal groups have rushed to provide support, offering media expertise and attempting to assemble a corps of others who have lost relatives in Iraq or have family members serving there." LINK

The Houston Chronicle reports that local Texas officials have no plans to remove Sheehan from her Crawford location and that her presence is creating more momentum for her cause. LINK

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