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From John Harwood's…wait…Jacob Schlesinger's Washington Wire: "Liberals plan anti-privatization 'birthday parties' around Social Security's 70th anniversary Sunday, including appearance by an FDR grandson at the FDR Memorial, and balloons for Washington Mall tourists. Republicans now see private accounts likely to pass House but fail in Senate, turning the program into a 2006 campaign issue."

The economy:

The Associated Press reports, "The Commerce Department reports that the U.S. trade deficit rose to $58.8 billion in June as imported petroleum hit an all-time high."

Paul Krugman on the housing market (again). LINK

Read also the important Wall Street Journal front-pager on this topic.


Both Ed Cox and John Spencer vowed to stay in the race for the GOP nomination despite all the hoopla surrounding Jeanine Pirro's candidacy, reports Marc Humbert of the AP. LINK

This doesn't quite square with what New York GOP Chairman Minarik said on NY1 News last night when he spoke of the 62 county chairs taking the next month or so to take a look and figure out which candidate the party will support.

Picking up a New York Observer Politicker item (and thus acknowledging Ben Smith as their de facto assignment editor), the New York Times gets the words "mob ties" and "Pirro" in the same headline. LINK

The New York Daily News is on the "mob" donation trail too, and with a longer list. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The Boston Globe's Greenberger reports, Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) will make his third trip to Michigan next month and will speak at a "really big time, premier event," says one top Michigan lobbyist. Sen. John McCain and several other 2008 GOP hopefuls are also planning on attending. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Charlotte Eby of the Sioux City Journal writes on Tom Vilsack's "New Iowan Centers" focused on welcoming "immigrant and refugee populations" to the Hawkeye State. LINK


The New York Times Cardwell and Rutenberg have the kind of inside baseball ad strategies of the Democratic candidates for mayor of New York that Staten Island ferry commuters crave. LINK and LINK

The New York Times on Weiner going after Ferrer. LINK

"The eight-page glossy pamphlet that Mayor Bloomberg's campaign is flooding mailboxes with came from a California-based consultant who once used a swastika to paint an opponent as anti-Semitic," reports Maggie Haberman of the New York Daily News. LINK

New Hampshire:

The Manchester Union Leader's DiStaso's excellent reporting produced these two leading graphs in his must-read follow to the AP's revelation concerning financial help for James Tobin courtesy of the RNC. LINK

"A New Hampshire member of the Republican National Committee was 'uncomfortable' to learn that the RNC has used its donors' contributions to pay more than $700,000 in legal bills for accused 2002 GOP phone-jamming conspirator James Tobin."

"'It was a surprise to me,' said Nancy Merrill. She noted that RNC Chair Ken Mehlman recently pledged a zero-tolerance policy on tampering with voters, and said, 'If this kind of expenditure deflects from that policy, then I'm uncomfortable with it.'"

Over to you, Ken.


The New York Times plays catch up on the Census Bureau majority-minority story. LINK

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