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As always in Thursday's Note, we begin with a quiz.

"As we in Washington shift our focus to a major preoccupation with post-Hurricane Katrina fallout, we have to remember that there are other big stories out there that could shake up Washington and Congress in a big way."

The preceding passage was written by:

A. Andy Card LINK

B. Chuck Todd LINK

C. Grover Norquist LINK

D. Norman Ornstein LINK

E. Kellyanne Conway LINK

The correct answer is (D), and Norm is, per usual, correct. LINK

Beyond Katrina, first and foremost among "other big stories" is the President's chance to reshape the Supreme Court, and on that front, today's monster event is the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote on the John Roberts nomination.

The full committee meets at 9:30 am ET to vote on the nomination of Roberts' to be the Chief Justice of the United States in Dirksen 226. Sen. Arlen Specter, the panel's chairman, will speak first. He will be followed by Sen. Pat Leahy (VT), the ranking Democrat.

The other members of the panel will then have an opportunity to speak for up to 10 minutes. They will likely speak in the order of seniority. The vote itself on Roberts is expected to come somewhere between 11:00 am ET and 12 noon. The big suspense, of course, is about how the other committee Democrats will vote -- who will follow Leahy's lead?

And after the vote, don't miss the debut of The Streaming Note later today. We're sure some of the cablers will carry the proceedings live, but if you really want to go inside the vote, you'll have to watch The Streaming Note on

With The Streaming Note, you don't have to wait for Friday morning's Note to get the best analysis in politics -- get it live from George Stephanopoulos and Mark Halperin, just after the vote concludes, at 1:00 pm ET. They'll field your calls and e-mails throughout this 15-minute streaming video event.

Fallout from the committee vote, predictions for the floor vote, and speculation about who the next nominee will be -- you can ask any insider question you want. Think of it like a Wall Street analysts call about a hot stock.

To submit your questions, go to this link LINK right now, or anytime before 1:00 pm ET tomorrow. Or, call your questions in to 1-877-726-7469 starting at 12:55 pm ET today.

To watch the inaugural Streaming Note, visit our homepage LINK

at 1:00 pm ET today. Follow the easy instructions, and you'll see the live video. It's just that simple.

You come to The Note every morning for (what we think) is a chance to read the most incisive and wittiest look ahead at the day's key political stories. Now's your chance to talk back to The Note. Call or log on. The Googling monkeys are standing by as we type (and they know a Baba Booey when they hear one. . . )

Beyond Roberts -- and with all due respect to Norm Ornstein -- Katrina is a gigantic story with major political implications stretching out as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately for those who want to know how things will be shaken up by the fallout, it is simply too soon to say still where all this will end up -- or even where we are headed right now.

But there are two must-read stories today from conservative all-stars that do reinforce the Notion that the Gang of 500 currently sees the remainder of the Bush presidency hanging in the balance.

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