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Sheehan forces begin a new $1 million advertising campaign against President Bush, but refuses to name her bankroller, the Washington Times' Stephanie Mansfield reports. LINK

2008: Democrats:

House Democrats looking for leadership on Iraq say they've found it: in General Wesley Clark. Clark spoke this week to a bloc calling themselves the Out of Iraq Caucus, and advised them on ways to hone their strategy. Roll Call reports that Clark, who has "become the go-to guy" for the Democrats on national security issues, urged the group to focus on a plan for diplomacy, rather than setting a firm date for troop withdrawal.

Sen. Biden makes the New York Times account of the Able Danger hearing, and he is portrayed in high-dudgeon mode. LINK

Deb Orin speculates that Sen. Clinton may have to protect herself against an unlikely challenger from the left: Al Gore. "Even Katrina could boost Gore -- he got a standing ovation when he did an I-told-you-so and blamed global warming for hurricanes at Bill Clinton's Global Initiative last week." LINK

2008: Republicans:

Bill Frist's attempt to shed a political problem by selling his HCA stock lands him in several papers today, none of whom can do anything but suggest that maybe he got inside information before the sale that motivated him, even though there is not a whisper of a hint of such a thing.

The New York Times' David Kirkpatrick seems bored by the story. LINK

Per the Washington Post's Smith and Birnbaum, several ethics experts find it "odd" that Dr./Leader/Sen. Bill Frist could intervene to order a sale of HCA stock when, ostensibly, it was suppoed to be "out of his reach in blind trusts." LINK

Bill Wichterman, a Frist aide who has been one of the key Senate staffers involved in the fight over judicial nominations, is leaving for the slightly less contentious -- and better paid -- world of lobbyists, the Washington Post's Judy Sarasohn reports. Wichterman starts Monday at Covington and Burling. LINK

The Arkansas Times writes that their Governor, Mike Huckabee, is indeed eyeing the presidential spotlight of 2008 and unlike in the state of Massachusetts they support their leader in his endeavors. However the Times does point to some bumps in the road for Huckabee's candidacy such as alleged past improper use of the Governor's Mansion account, public money allegedly being used for personal use, and the Governor's "glib" public demeanor.

The Times also Notes that his wife Janet could be an issue: "think of her as the red-state version of Hillary Rodham Clinton or Teresa Heinz Kerry." LINK


The New York Times covers the day in Bloomberg v. Ferrer, with Mark Green and Ferrer teaming up on the UWS, a new Ferrer TV ad LINK, the beginning of the end of the beginning of the debate-about-debates, and man in a George Bush mask. LINK

The New York Times' Mike McIntire scours the Democrats for Bloomberg committee, comes up with a link to Donald Manes, and gets Bill Cunningham to declare that New York is famous for giving its citizens a second chance. LINK

"Schools flunk but Mayor gets good grades," blares the headline on Quinnipiac's latest NYC Issues poll showing education to be the top issue in this year's Mayor's race.

The poll has Mayor Michael Bloomberg up 14 points (52 percent to 38 percent) over Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer. LINK

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