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September 29, 2004— The Eye of the Brahmin Tiger: Can Kerry Close Stronger Than Mariano Rivera?

September 28, 2004— A Little Less Macro, a Little More Micro: Faith in the Ground Game is the Last Refuge of the (Still) Optimistic Democrat

September 27, 2004— Before the Clash in Coral Gables: One Day Is Fine, Next Is Black

September 24, 2004— A Tool of Nobody: War-Time President, War-Time Election, and a Whole New Meaning for Right Track/Wrong Track

September 23, 2004— Against All Odds: There's Just an Empty Space

September 22, 2004— Peaks and Valleys: Tie Goes to the Runner (Part II)

September 21, 2004— Eye on the Ball: Karl Rove's Wall Calendar

September 20, 2004— Redirecting the Laser Beam: Over There, Over There

September 17, 2004— Simply the Best: A Lifetime of Promises and a World of Dreams

September 16, 2004— Dark Assessments: What Do Voters and "-gates" Have in Common?

September 15, 2004— Motown, Money, McCurry: Polls, Pundits, Pros(e)

September 14, 2004— TIME: If I Could Get Back to Politics?: KERRY: I Don't Talk Politics.

September 13, 2004— One from Column A: … and Another from Column A?

September 10, 2004— Playing for Harvard: The Second Draft of History Is Usually Better Than the First

September 9, 2004— The Worst Is Yet to Come: And Won't It Be Fine?

September 8, 2004— "I" Stands for "Iraq": "V" Stands of "Vietnam"

September 7, 2004— What Lurks in the Heart of the Media: The Overshadow Knows

September 6, 2004— Working Weekend: Two Hearts Are Better Than One

September 3, 2004— News Roulette: No Port in a Storm

September 2, 2004— The Choice: Mano a Mano, and Mano a Self

September 1, 2004— The Turtle and the Fence Post, Part III: Herculean in New York

August 31, 2004— Stop Lying About My Record: The Bushes, the Doles, and the Veterans Team Up

August 30, 2004— "We Can Go to the Country on This Issue": In the Immortal Words of Karl Rove …

August 29, 2004— College Math: On the Eve of New York, Making the Grade

August 28, 2004— Seared, Seared: Summer Nights: Tell Us More, Tell Us More

August 27, 2004— Not Ugly to Me: A Relaxed President Surveys His Kingdom

August 26, 2004— Accomplishing Missions: What History Will Show Got Done Between Boston and New York

August 25, 2004— Wise Counsel: Choosing up Sides

August 24, 2004— My Yesterday: Your Tomorrow

August 23, 2004— Speaking of the Truth: Good (Groundhog) Day, Saigon

August 20, 2004— Moving or Capable of Moving with Great Speed; Fast: Quick to Act or React; Prompt: Swift to Take Steps

August 19, 2004— We Hold These Truths...: Pick up Hazy Joely and Killer Joe

August 18, 2004— John E. O'Neill and John Cusack Agree: Say Anything

August 17, 2004— Old Hands on Deck: Should The Note Even Publish the Rest of This Week?

August 16, 2004— Calm After the Storm: A Week from Today, the Sprint Is On

August 13, 2004— If You Gotta Play at Garden Parties, I Wish You a Lotta Luck: Someone Opened up a Closet Door and out Stepped Johnny B. Goode

August 12, 2004— A More Sensitive Note: Winner Take All, Vol. II

August 11, 2004— Winner Take All: The Leader As We Head Towards The Back Nine and the Homestretch

August 10, 2004— Cooped Up: Advise and Consent

August 9, 2004— Ganged Up: Conspiracy at 18th and Swann, NW

August 6, 2004— Broken Heroes on a Last Chance Power Drive: But There's no Place Left to Hide

August 5, 2004— Closets Are For Hangers: Winners Use the Door

August 4, 2004— Point Blank: Living One False Move, Just One False Move Away, and They Caught You in Their Sights

August 3, 2004— Tomorrow Never Knows: Turn off Your Mind, Relax and Float Down Stream

August 2, 2004— Turning the Corner . . . : . . . And Being Surprised About What's There

July 30, 2004— The One in Which The Note Channels an Undecided Ohio Voter: A Necessary But Not Sufficient Step or a Hamster and a Watery Doom?

July 29, 2004— Stand and Delivery: The Studied Insouciance of the St. Paul's Man

July 28, 2004— Close the Sale: Turning the FleetCenter into Fleet Street

July 27, 2004— I Want This Job: And Shove It

July 26, 2004— You've Got to Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative: Latch on to the Affirmative, Don't Mess with Mister In-Between

July 25, 2004— Like Saint Patrick Driving the Snakes out of Ireland: Sox 11, Bombers 10

July 24, 2004— Boston Is Filling Up: Get (T)here Quickly...

July 23, 2004— Final Instructions: Let's Get This Party Convention Started

July 22, 2004— Notes Notes, Forsooth, and Something: There's Much Ado About ABC News Political Coverage

July 21, 2004— Sandy, the Angels Have Lost Their Desire for Us: They Won't Set Themselves on Fire for Us Anymore

July 20, 2004— The Ghost of Fawn Hall: July: Like a Firecracker All Aglow

July 19, 2004— Storms Encountered at Sea: Pulling into Port on Schedule

July 16, 2004— It Took a Rumor To Make Me Wonder: Now I'm Convinced We're Going Under

July 15, 2004— The New York Times and Rumors: What Democrats Hope and Fear

July 14, 2004— Inside Out: Leave to Find the Answer on the Road

July 13, 2004— Gone a Million Miles: To That Place Where You Can't Remember and You Can't Forget

July 12, 2004— Struggling to Do Everything Right: And Then It All Falls Apart

July 9, 2004— So Ready for This Fight: Cover the Ears and Eyes of Emma Claire and Jack

July 8, 2004— Thinking About Oreos: Glen Johson: Sucker for Cute Kids

July 7, 2004— Four Trials: Four (Partial) Verdicts

July 6, 2004— Happy Birthday, Mr. President: John Kerry Just Got You a Smooth-talking, Handsome, Charismatic, Rich Southern Trial Lawyer to Run Against!!!

July 5, 2004— Georgetown Alley Cat: From Face-to-Face to Cheek-to-Cheek

July 4, 2004— Doubles Partner for a Love Match: The Strength of Serena Williams, the Cleverness of Martina Hingis, and the Charisma of Anna Kournikova

July 3, 2004— Better Safe Than Sorry (?): 2 Poets Alone in the Woods (?)

July 2, 2004— An Old Washington Parlor Game: Like So Many Yakuza in a Bottle

July 1, 2004— The Definition of "Insanity": Winners Talk, Perps Walk

June 30, 2004— Reality Bites: A/k/a: What Don Evans Thinks About While He Shaves Each Morning

June 29, 2004— Presidential Precedents: A Bush in the Hand Is Worth...

June 28, 2004— Anchors Away: Calling an Audible on the Handover

June 25, 2004— Cheney Versus Leahy: Washington: a City in Which People Are Often Asked to Do the Impossible

June 24, 2004— Bought a Ticket to the West Coast: Now He Gives Them a Stand-Up Routine in L.A.

June 23, 2004— And You Can Speak Your Mind: But Not on My Time

June 22, 2004— Sooner or Later You Sleep in Your Own Space: Either Way It's Okay, You Wake up with Yourself

June 21, 2004— Never Said You Had to Offer Me a Second Chance: Never Said I Was a Victim of Circumstance

June 18, 2004— "Dour, Worried and Withdrawn": Staking Out Number Two: "There Is No Separate Cheney P.R. Machine"

June 17, 2004— The Talented Mr. Ripley's Believe It or Nots: And the Fabulous Mr. Rove's Own Believe It or Not

June 16, 2004— "I'm Running for President Because . . . ": Between Tenderness and Brute Force

June 15, 2004— So Where Are the Strong?: "The Electors Shall Meet in Their Respective States . . . "

June 14, 2004— College Boys (and Girls): "The Electors Shall Meet in Their Respective States . . . "

June 11, 2004— "Not Even Sure Who Kerry Is": Steady As We Go

June 10, 2004— Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited: 40, 41, 42, 43, 44

June 9, 2004— Bold Strokes and Primary Colors: Assessing legacies past and present

June 8, 2004— Pop Goes the Weasel: Words Are the Physicians of a Mind Diseased

June 7, 2004— Reagan's Way: Not the Words of One Who Kneels

June 4, 2004— Feeding the Jackals: Washington Is Always the Same

June 3, 2004— Nous Aimons les Francais: Quelle Est la Reponse?

June 2, 2004— Parati Ad Bellum: Or, in the Vernacular: Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuuuuumble!!!!!

June 1, 2004— Calendar Boys: The Traditional Memorial Day Campaign Kickoff

May 31, 2004— The Mini Note: Politics and Remembrance

May 28, 2004— The Mini Note

May 27, 2004— The Mini Note: Kerry's Foreign Policy Vision

May 26, 2004— The Mini Note: Will Gore Foment Unrest on Kerry's Left?

May 25, 2004— The Vitally Important and the Meaningless: Password: "Ken Mehlman"

May 24, 2004— A Little Texas Cocky: Battered, Bruised, Scraped, and (Maybe) Ready to Go

May 21, 2004— Quiet Versus Storm: "DoleGingrich" Is No More or Less One Word Than "KerryPelosi"

May 20, 2004— Assigned Rolls: Thank God It's Not October

May 19, 2004— Ink by the Barrel: John and Ralph, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G (?)

May 18, 2004— Sheer Madness: The Second-Most Famous Dress in American Political History

May 17, 2004— (Un)Civil (Un)Rest: What We All Need is Steady Leadership

May 14, 2004— Eye on the Ball : A Big Nation Has More Than Two Men

May 13, 2004— Presidential Sweet: John Kerry Closes Tough

May 12, 2004— Insider Account: Staying the Course

May 11, 2004— The Movie Has Just Started: But Everybody Wants to Cut to the Chase

May 10, 2004— Bubble Man: Up, Up, and Away

May 7, 2004— "If He Says Anything Arrogant, It's Over": To Whom Does That Apply?

May 6, 2004— Throw Rummy from the Train (?): The One Where All Politics Aren't Local

May 5, 2004— The Day After Yesterday: = The Day Before Tomorrow

May 4, 2004— From Touchdown to Take Off: Safer, Stronger, Better

May 3, 2004— On That Road, Somewhere in Some Bus or Train: "It's Sometimes Not Risky to Address the Thing That's Paramount on People's Minds"

April 30, 2004— If You Should Ever Find Someone New …: We Know He'd Better Be Good to You, 'Cos If He Doesn't, We'll Be There

April 29, 2004— We Keep Pretending That There's Nothing Wrong: But There's a Code of Silence and It Can't Go On

April 28, 2004— Now, Noted: Start Paying Attention

April 27, 2004— You Remember the Faces, the Places, the Names: You Know It's Never Over -- It's Relentless As the Rain

April 26, 2004— Bring . . . It . . . On!!! (Vol. XXVI): Power Play(ers)

April 23, 2004— Sovereign Nation: Power Play(ers)

April 22, 2004— "Seasonal Tribal Warfare": The Crowd Plays Ropa-DOPES

April 21, 2004— It Was a Dark and Stormy Day: Rolling Thunder

April 20, 2004— Kodak Moments: Big Russ' Hometown and POTUS

April 19, 2004— Chicken Salad Dripping from the Chin: Will 44 Talk to Woodward?

April 16, 2004— Namby-Pamby Campaign: Who Among Us Doesn't Love NASCAR?

April 15, 2004— Is John Kerry Bill Clinton or Al Gore?: And How Would People in the Cleveland Suburbs Answer That?

April 14, 2004— Empty Words Embolden: Our Work May Become More Difficult

April 13, 2004— "Pick Out a Red Tie or a Blue Tie" : What You Wear All Depends on Where You Live

April 12, 2004— NANCY REAGAN: "Doing Everything We Can" : GEORGE BUSH: "I've Been Busy, All These Crises"

April 9, 2004— Fortitude in the Face of Adversity : Matzos, Macaroons, and Chicken: Winning Is Everything

April 8, 2004— Two-front War: Serious Spectacle

April 7, 2004— NOTED NOW: Brand Extension

April 6, 2004— From 200 Liberty to 229 W. 43rd . . . : . . . Everyone's a Critic

April 5, 2004— Elections Lasting More Than Four Months . . . : . . . While Rare, Require Immediate Attention

April 2, 2004— Headlines and Legends: You Can't Tell the Players Without Several Scorecards, Martinis and Job Numbers Take a Lot of the Pressure Off

April 1, 2004— No April Fooling: The Fortunate One

March 31, 2004— Perfect Is Not on the Ballot: Tall, Not Big

March 30, 2004— Visiting Hours: "What's a Ropeline?" . . .

March 29, 2004— New Discipline: The Distortions We Have Seen

March 26, 2004— I Wanna Do What Ain't Ever Been Done: I Wanna Win What Ain't Ever Been Won

March 25, 2004— The Drama of the Gifted Children: Call Me "Mr. President"

March 24, 2004— Anybody Can Just Take Them: The Most Important Part of the Reservation: The Holding

March 23, 2004— Of Trust Funds, Attacks, Commissions, Interviews, a Quiz, and . . .: . . . Baggages and Kings . . .

March 22, 2004— Cream Colored Ponies: An' Crisp Apple Strudels (Not)

March 19, 2004— French Connection: At the Yellow Rose

March 18, 2004— Mistakes Were Made: Regrets, I Have a Few, But Then Again . . .

March 17, 2004— It Isn't Bragging If You Can Do It: DE-fense, DE-fense!!!

March 16, 2004— Stewart's Charge: And Other American Dreams To Watch

March 15, 2004— An Object in Motion . . .: . . . Awaiting an External Force

March 12, 2004— Who Is John Kerry?: And Will He Have His Comeuppance Coming?

March 11, 2004— Why Can't We Give Love Give Love Give Love Give Love?: "Amid the Pressure of Great Events, a General Principle Gives No Help"*

March 10, 2004— Ohio Players: Rollercoaster -- Say What?

March 9, 2004— "When You Coming Home, Son?": "I Don't Know When, But We'll Get Together Then, Dad. You Know We'll Have a Good Time Then."

March 8, 2004— Starting a Conversation: Alleged Bipartisan Fabrications and Misrepresentations and Attacks, Oh My!

March 5, 2004— Instant Message: Bush Has One . . .

March 4, 2004— Turning the Corner: And Casting a Wide Net

March 3, 2004— Don't Mess With Texas: Go Toward the Light

March 2, 2004— If You Say It Loud Enough . . .: . . . . You'll Always Sound Precocious

March 1, 2004— Inches Rather Than Yards: This Is The Week That Is

February 27, 2004— The Matrix: Elections Are About . . . .

February 26, 2004— Will We Have Rainbows Day After Day?: The Future's Not Ours to See

February 25, 2004— Keep It Happy, Keep It Snappy: Keep It Gay!

February 24, 2004— Say One Thing: Do Another

February 23, 2004— Yin Versus Yang: Quisp Versus Quake

February 20, 2004— Past is Prologue: Up Periscope

February 19, 2004— I Came For You: But You Did Not Need My Urgency

February 18, 2004— Not So Fast John Kerry: Remember: "Regime Change Begins at Home"

February 17, 2004— Don't Waste Your Time Waiting: Lights Out Tonight (?), Trouble (?) in the Heartland

February 13, 2004— The (Democratic) Elephant in the Room : DEVELOPING(?) . . . : "The Answer Is 'No.'"

February 12, 2004— What's Past is Passed: Except When It Is Not

February 11, 2004— NoteLibs: Fill in the Blanks, 2003-2004

February 10, 2004— War President: Media, Darling (Part Deux)

February 9, 2004— War President: Media, Darling

February 8, 2004— The Macho Factor: What Is It About the Bushes and Those Newsweekly Covers?

February 7, 2004— How They Aced Their Midterms*:Laura, With the Smiling Eyes

February 6, 2004— Snapshot: How Long Before the First Commercial (Break)?

February 5, 2004— Defining Differences Between the Candidates: Can a 16-year-old Dog Hunt?

February 4, 2004— Paul Krugman's Smile: Could Will Rogers Have Been Wrong?

February 3, 2004— One from Column A . . . : . . . and One from Column B

February 2, 2004— The World Is Busting at Its Seams: And You're Just a Prisoner of Your Dreams

February 1, 2004— (February) Third Down Conversions: Don't Forget to Watch the Ads

January 31, 2004— Cash and Carry: How does one spend $40 million, anyway?

January 30, 2004— Not Too Far Ahead: Who Can('t) Read Bill Clinton's Body Language?

January 29, 2004— Kiss Me, Kate: When The Note Saw O'Connor And Trippi Spooning, And Other Memories

January 28, 2004— The Memos: It Almost Doesn't Matter If They Were Real or Not(e)

January 27, 2004— Rules Of The Road: Or, Road Rules

January 26, 2004— From the Seacoast to the Hills of Keene . . . : . . . A Struggle with Labels and Stereotypes

January 25, 2004— "Mr. Mission Not Even Legitimately Attempted": Center of the Universe

January 24, 2004— Great Expectations: Last Night, I Waved Goodbye; Now It Seems Years

January 23, 2004— Relentlessly Civil: The Luck of the (Kerry) Irish and an Adviser-vetted Defense

January 22, 2004— "Last September He Was Horrible, and Now He's Not": Shrum to Novak: We...Will...Win

January 21, 2004— "The Dynamic Is Untested": "A Slog of Delegate Accumulation"

January 20, 2004— Chaos and Control: Political Nature Abhors a Vacuum

January 19, 2004— M Versus O: The Two Psychologies of Iowa

January 18, 2004— If This Doesn't Register...: Nothing Ever Will

January 17, 2004— New Age Pop Ratherism: Hotter than the Extras on the OC

January 16, 2004— Pronounced "Luh-HAIN":The Essential Dynamic of Politics: Punch or Be Punched

January 15, 2004— In: Delegates: Out: Expectations

January 14, 2004— House Of Cards (?): House of Games, House of Mirrors

January 13, 2004— Fun with Dick and Jane: and Erik and Kim and Steve and Steve and Ed and Bill.....

January 12, 2004— Hoarse Voices, Sagging Faces and Short Tempers: Iowa, USA

January 11, 2004— I Want to Live in an America... : ...Where Gene Sperling and Bruce Reed Can Come Out of the Closet

January 10, 2004— The Bloggy, Bloggy Banks : 'Twas There that Trippi Parted...with CNN's Paula Zahn

January 9, 2004— Too Good to be True: Jenny Briggs and Laura Simms Are Getting Creeped-out by Howard Dean

January 8, 2004— What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You: ...Or Can It?

January 7, 2004— Ken Mehlman Plays Golf Polls Show : George Bush Was Like Larry Bird in the Fourth Quarter

January 6, 2004— "Exploit to a Fare-thee-well" : "A Teflon Candidate, Seemingly Impervious To Lasting Political Damage" (?)

January 5, 2004— The Moving Sidewalk Is Ending, Again : Or Is It Just Starting to Move?

January 4, 2004— Sunday SUNDAY Sunday: The Note v. Big Foot and Gravedigger