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The Boston Globe 's Pat Healy tells us all about Senator Kerry's day in Wisconsin — filled with counter-attacks from Rudy Giuliani and even some potential new debate lines. LINK

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert Notes Kerry's wading into dairy issues and gun issues during his town hall meeting primarily focused on Iraq and foreign policy in the run up to the first debate. Gilbert also includes this Packers tidbit without mentioning "Lambert" field. LINK

"Kerry made the obligatory nod to the Green Bay Packers, telling the crowd that the day before, he stopped at a tavern in Mount Horeb, and 'within 10 seconds of my walking in, they scored.'"

"Kerry said he didn't claim to be a Packers fan — 'I'm not pretending something I'm not' — but the Packers' opponent was the Indianapolis Colts, rivals to Kerry's hometown New England Patriots, so he was eager for a Green Bay victory."

The Boston Herald's Noelle Straub reports that Senator Ted Kennedy said Kerry "must move beyond attack mode and outline a clear economic and security agenda." LINK

Adam Smith of the St. Pete Times writes that Kerry needs the "almost cliche" of himself as a strong closer more than ever now. LINK

On Monday, the Kerry-Edwards campaign launched a new 30-second ad that we all expect to get hit by the ad watches this morning. "Doesn't Get It," a response to the president's comments on FOX's "O'Reilly Factor," in which the president said he would wear the flight suit and re-play the scene aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln again, misstates what Bush actually said.


Narrator: "There he goes again. George Bush said Iraq was 'mission accomplished.' 16 months later, he still doesn't get it. Today: over 1,000 US soldiers dead, kidnappings, even beheadings of Americans. Still Bush has no plan what to do in Iraq. How can you solve a problem when you can't see it? John Kerry's plan: Train Iraqis to handle their own security … real elections … and work with allies to shoulder the burden. It's time for a new direction in Iraq."

John Kerry: "I'm John Kerry and I approved this message."

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee's independent expenditure arm will spend $6 million to air an ad that a Democrat who has watched it calls "pretty harsh."


NARRATOR: "No one can tell him he's wrong … even though there are no weapons of mass destruction … the deficit has never been higher … he's lost more jobs that any president in 75 years . . . and a thousand American soldiers have died in a war poorly planned. But no one can tell him he's wrong. America can no longer afford four more years. The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement."

The visual is a very slow push into a black and white photograph of Bush.

The spot is running is the 13 states familiar to Kerry and DNC ad buyers.

Michael Saul of the New York Daily News Notes John Edwards' first campaign event in New Jersey today, "a clear sign that the campaign is worried about losing the historically Democratic state to President Bush." A Kerry spokeswoman says this: "New Jersey is a critical battleground state. At this point, it's pretty close." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

The AP's Rachel Konrad follows the lawsuit by Florida Rep. Robert Wexler (D) in his quest for paper print outs of electronic ballots, and how unlikely reforms are in time for this election. LINK

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