Morning Show Wrap, by ABC News Political Unit

Following in Claire Shipman's footsteps, NBC's Campbell Brown looked at the evolution of soccer moms into "security moms" for "Today." Brown highlighted the gap in views between married couples and singles. According to the latest NBC/Wall Street, Kerry leads among singles 58 to 36. Bush leads among married couples 56 to 36. Brown interviewed pollster Peter Hart who said this was "most dangerous" for Kerry because there are more married people and they vote in higher numbers than singles. "In order for John Kerry to win, he must carry married women," Hart said. He must provide reassurance on homeland security but he must also talk about the economy and health care. Brown closed by saying that both married couples and singles view the war in Iraq differently from the war on terrorism and that they have concerns about Bush's "truthfulness about just how bad the war is."


On ABC's "Good Morning America," Robin Roberts spoke with a woman who analyzed the faces of Bush and Kerry for insights into their character. She said that when Bush lowers his brow, he "looks powerful, he looks potent." Kerry's eyes "look much older than the man really is. They droop and they lack energy," she said. Kerry's hair, on the other hand, elicited a different response. "I call it exciting. Energy is being emitted from his face," she said.


Tom Fiedler, author of "Almanac of Florida Politics," appeared on CBS' Early Show and said that former President Jimmy Carter's Washington Post op-ed that said Florida's voting systems might fail again in 2000 was correct.

In her "Fox and Friends" interview, Hughes disagreed: "I know that he and the secretary of state in Florida are working very hard … and I suspect they will have good, health elections in Florida."


CNN's Jack Cafferty made his question of the day about how CBS can restore the confidence of viewers.

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