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"Plans are still in place to air ads starting the second week of October, campaign officials said, but those will likely be tabled, too." LINK Drug reimportation is a hot issue in the presidential campaign, particularly for seniors. Kerry supports reimportation; Bush opposes it. Asked to defend his opposition, Bush typically cites his concern that unsafe drugs will get into the US. At a 12:00 pm press conference in Washington, an actual Pfizer executive is going to "debunk the myth" that these drugs are unsafe at a news conference on Capitol Hill with members of Congress.

The Christian Coalition holds its "Road to Victory 2004: God Bless America-One Nation Under God" conference starting today through Sept. 25 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC.

At 10:30 am, a coalition of religious leaders-Priests for Life, the National Pro-Life Religious Council and Gospel of Life Ministries-will hold a news conference at the National Press Club to emphasize their belief that it is morally wrong to vote for pro-abortion candidates for public office.

The debates:

USA Today 's Mark Memmott reports on how the CBS-Burkett-Lockhart interaction is impacting journalists' feelings about the"attempt by the Bush and Kerry campaigns to require that the four moderators of the upcoming debates sign statements saying they've 'accepted' the rules drawn up by the campaigns." LINK Bob Schieffer said he has no problem signing it. The other three moderators did not comment.

The Washington Post on where Bush and Kerry plan to prepare for their debates and who their sparring partners are. LINK The Washington Post Style section on the intracacies of the debate deal. LINK UT's Daily Texan gives voice to the third-party advocates who are criticizing the debates. LINK The Miami debate is a hot ticket, the Herald heralds. LINK

Morning show wrap:

Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman appeared on CNN's "American Morning" and defended the campaign's ad featuring a windsurfing Kerry: "I think it was a humorous and memorable ad — that is always the goal."

Mehlman also repeated his campaign's criticism of Kerry's leaving open the idea that President Bush could instate a draft if reelected, calling it "fear mongering by a candidate who doesn't have a record he can defend."

Kerry-Edwards senior adviser Tad Devine appeared on the same show and defended Kerry's draft statement, avoiding the statement itself but saying, "Frankly, there is a draft right now — a backdoor draft … This President has no plan to win the peace."

ABC's Charlie Gibson introduced GMA's "The deciding factor: the woman's vote, 2004" by saying women represent 70% of undecided voters in this year's election. Dan Harris reported on how "the competition over who is alpha male" is in part for women who define a strong leader as being able to protect their families. Claire Shipman looked at "security moms" — mothers with young children who "have become extraordinarily interested in the security of their families … who are affected by Sept. 11 and most recently affected by those images of the attack on that school in Russia" — who are in many cases leaning toward Bush.

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