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In a release sent last night, the campaign thanked Senator John McCain and the Reform Institute for "urging our inclusion on the ballot in Florida." LINK

Sen. McCain's words: LINK

Patrick Sweeney from the Pioneer Press on Nader's visit to the Land of 10,000 lakes yesterday where he touted the Democrats as a party sure to lose, unless they "follow his lead to more radical policies." LINK

Nader slams the Iowa Governor for his support of the biotech industry. Erin Jordan of the Des Moines Register reports. LINK

The land of 5 + 2 = 7:

The Wall Street Journal 's Flint and Cummings write on page B1:

"Political-advocacy groups with shallow pockets are discovering what commercial marketers have known for a long time: you don't need to spend millions of dollars to reach millions of people."

"Thanks to the explosion of cable news shows and their insatiable appetite for hot stories, political ads that might have received scant attention years ago are mushrooming into national stories. As a result, the groups are getting the kind of media exposure most marketers only dream about. And contributions to the groups have swelled as thousands of supporters got wind of its message."

In 2002, we told you about the independent work of Republican consultant John Altevogt of Kansas, who ran provocative radio ads targeted at African American voters and who was accused by prominent Democrats of trying to depress the black vote.

This year, an associate and frequent dinner companion of Altevogt's, GOP strategist Richard Nadler, is running very similar ads and receiving very similar press.

One of them contains the line "Don't buy the Democratic lie. Killing unborn babies is no way to help those in poverty."

That has drawn the ire of Democrats, who contend that the explicit tone of the ads will scare black voters enough so that they stay away from the polls.

Nadler was celebrating Rosh Hashannah yesterday and not available for comment, but Altevogt, whose Council for Better Government is spending $300,000 on ads in four states with ads targeting Hispanic voters with similar messages, hotly disputes the allegation.

Republicans who want to reach out to black votes are sometimes afraid to talk about issues like abortion and school vouchers, he says. "I don't know what makes me more angry — the implicit racism of the Democratic Party that they think they own people of color and they're not allowed to listen to other ideas. Or the totalitarian speech patterns they use, saying 'you can't talk about these issues'."

Both Americas PAC, which is Nadler's organization, and Altevogt's Council for Better Government are registered with the IRS under section 527 of the tax code..

People of Color United, another 527 group, has run ads attacking John Kerry for being rich, white, and "wishy-washy" and bought a print ad taking Teresa Heinz Kerry to task for being out of touch and mocking her for allegedly calling herself an "African America."

All three groups plan to be active through election day.

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