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At a breakfast roundtable in Albuquerque, Cheney said that Kerry's position on Iraq was "absolutely incoherent" and questioned the Democratic nominee's ability to pick a position and stick with it, a quality he said that George W. Bush had, even though people may disagree with the President.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal's Ed Vogel Notes, "Cheney never mentioned the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository, which would be built about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Neither did Republican Gov. Kenny Guinn, who sued the president over his decision to place nuclear waste in Nevada." LINK

AP wraps Cheney's criticism of Kerry as lacking "true leadership." LINK

President Bush and the National Guard: the politics of the documents:

AP's Matt Kelley reports that a federal judge told the Pentagon on Wednesday to find all remaining documents related to Bush in the National Guard and release them next week. The Pentagon said it would have its search done by Monday. LINK

The Wall Street Journal Barnes and Flint profile CBS producer Mary Mapes, noting her stellar reputation and her years of diligence about the Guard story, in particular.

"Hers is not a household name, but Ms. Mapes is one of the show's star producers. At the venerable newsmagazine, it is producers such as Ms. Mapes who pound the pavement in search of scoops and celebrity anchors like Mr. Rather who get all the credit — or blame. The on-air personalities participate in the reporting to varying degrees — Mr. Rather is known for being very involved — but the producers do the heaviest lifting."

The Washington Post 's Sylvia Moreno on the "well-regarded" Bill Burkett. LINK

The Houston Chronicle has its own mini-bio. LINK

A very long but very interesting correction in the New York Times reads in its entirety:

"An article on Wednesday about disputed memos obtained by CBS News that cast doubt on aspects of President Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard truncated a quotation from David Van Os, a lawyer for Bill Burkett, a retired National Guard officer whom Newsweek called a source of the memos. Asked what role Mr. Burkett had in raising questions about Mr. Bush's military service, Mr. Van Os posed a hypothetical chain of events in which someone — not Mr. Burkett, he said — reconstructed documents that the preparer believed existed in 1972 or 1973. Mr. Van Os then asked "what difference would even that make'' to the 'factual reality of where was George W. Bush at the Times in question and what was he doing?'" LINK

"The article also misidentified the position held by Mr. Bush's father in the early 1970s. (That error also occurred on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday in articles about the memos.) The elder Mr. Bush was ambassador to the United Nations from 1971 to January 1973, and chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1973 to 1974. He was no longer a Texas congressman."

The New York Times ' Jim Rutenberg looks at Dan Rather's run-ins with conservatives over the years and reports Bob Dole said yesterday that Rather "does not like anyone in the Bush family that I know of, unless maybe one of the dogs." LINK

The Washington Times ' Bill Sammon writes "[P]rivately, some Bush advisers said Mr. Rather has become part of the story and therefore should recuse himself from further coverage. They suggested a more objective journalist at CBS should begin aggressively pursuing the question of whether the documents were forged." LINK

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