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The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Senator Edwards raked in $700,000 at last night's fundraiser in Louisville. LINK

Four thousand showed in Portsmouth yesterday to hear John Edwards say, "Hope is on the way," according to the Dayton Daily News. LINK

The Canton Repository prints an interview with Edwards. LINK

The Associated Press on Edwards' swing through Louisville. LINK

Lynn Bonner of the Raleigh News & Observer reports that Mrs. Edwards in her speech in Fayetteville convinced a Bush-leaning voter to walk out planning to vote for Kerry. LINK

Meanwhile, Cate Edwards spoke to a group of students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse "clad in blue jeans and sandals . . . " LINK


Yesterday, in previewing Senator Kerry's speech to the National Guard Association, The Note erroneously stated that the Senator had advocated increasing the number of troops in Iraq by 40,000. In fact, Senator Kerry has advocated increasing the active-duty military overall by 40,000. The Note regrets the error.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Bush-Cheney '04 campaign came out with a new ad today, this time attacking Senator Kerry on taxes on small businesses.

The ad, "Common Sense vs. Higher Taxes," will run on national cable and local markets in battleground states. There will also be three state specific ads running in West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan.

The ad has a similar theme and style as the last BC04 ad, "Healthcare: Practical Vs. Big Government" in that it contrasts the president's plan for the economy with Senator Kerry's, again lumping the Democratic nominee in with "liberal in Congress."

The bottom line: President Bush will create jobs and help small businesses grow while Senator Kerry will tax small business owners and hurt the economy.

BC04 currently has two ads in rotation on national cable and local markets that focus on health care.

Script for "Common Sense vs. Higher Taxes:" President Bush:I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message. VO:President Bush and our leaders in Congress have a common sense plan … To grow our economy … Graphic:Fairer, simpler tax code. Lower healthcare costs. Invest in education. Help for communities. Less dependence on foreign oil VO: And create jobs …So small businesses can expand and hire. The Liberals in Congress and Kerry's Plan:Raises taxes on small business. 900,000 small business owners would pay higher tax rates than most multinational corporations. Tax increases would hurt jobs, hurt small business and hurt our economy.

Graphic:Raises taxes on small business. Higher tax rates. Job growth hurt. Small businesses suffer. Hurts our economy

USA Today 's Judy Keen writes about why the president is feeling confident. LINK

Lynn Bonner of the Raleigh News & Observer previews today's visit from President Bush in Charlotte, where he plans to discuss women's issues. LINK

The New York Times ' Stevenson and Toner say that President Bush's criticism of Kerry's health care plan met applause in Minnesota.

"There are few signs that Mr. Bush has gotten the political lift he and others hoped for last year when he signed the Medicare law promising limited coverage of prescription drug costs for the elderly. But with polls suggesting that health care costs rank at or near the top of voters' concerns and with Mr. Kerry campaigning hard on his plan, Mr. Bush has struck back by suggesting that Mr. Kerry's solution would be unwieldy, costly and intrusive." LINK

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