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"Made over several weeks on a $900,000 budget, 'Celsius 41.11' is scheduled to premiere Sept. 28 at a Washington theater. The title of the movie alludes to the temperature at which the brain deteriorates from heat — in this case, from Moore's left-wing rhetoric," said Chetwynd. Filmmakers say the piece contrasts the positions of Bush and Kerry, and features interviews with "Republican actor-politician Fred Thompson, journalists Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer, film critic Michael Medved and terrorism expert Mansoor Ijaz, among others. No contact was made with the White House, the filmmakers said."


Who needs political ads, rallies, and town-hall meetings when you have a ragin' Congress on C-SPAN? Richard Simon of the Los Angeles Times writes, "The Republican-controlled House and Senate have begun taking up bills, not with any expectation they will become law, but with the intention of stoking the presidential campaign and energizing the party's political base."LINK

The New York Times looks at the political resurrection of Marion Barry, a candidate whose own pastor endorsed his major opponent. LINK

The Washington Post editorial board seems confounded by DC voters' choices. LINK

Little boys (and big boys, for that matter) everywhere would be devastated to know that even The Terminator, the Governor of California, could not break through the California flight delays the other day. LINK

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