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Helen Kennedy of the New York Daily News Notes the Bush twins made their campaign trail debut in De Pere, WI, yesterday, urging college students to throw political shindigs for their dad, urging students to put their "party planning skills to good work," by throwing one for their father. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

AP's Nedra Pickler wraps Senator Kerry's day yesterday: LINK

Elisabeth Bumiller is on the Kerry trail and wraps the Senator's criticisms of the president's economic policies. LINK

Wall Street Journal 's Jacob Schlesinger also looks at Kerry taking aim at President Bush, and reports that "Voters will hear a lot more in coming weeks about" Enron and Halliburton.

The Washington Post 's Jim VandeHei leads with Kerry slamming Bush on Iraq, calling the president dishonest about the insurgency and endangering the likelihood of free and fair Iraqi elections. LINK

USA Today 's Martin Kasindorf writes that "Kerry went after Bush with the same aggressiveness that he has shown since the Republican convention in condemning Bush's handling of Iraq and in countering Republican attacks on his Vietnam War service." LINK

The Detroit headlines for Kerry's Wednesday speech read: "Kerry: Bush's term full of excuses" LINK and "Kerry attacks Bush's 'excuse presidency.'" LINK

The Boston Globe 's Ellen Goodman deconstructs the Democrats' "September anxiety attack" over the Kerry campaign by focusing on the calm eye of the storm: Mary Beth Cahill. LINK

After mentioning questions of whether or not she is nasty enough to lead the campaign, Goodman brings this moment of Cahill Zen: "If the Kerry campaign hasn't taken the low road, it is partially because, she says, 'win or lose, and my deep belief is he's going to win, you run a campaign you live with for the rest of your life. George Bush Sr. is forever tarred by the craven way he went after Dukakis.'"

The New York Times ' David Halbfinger provides a DEEP look into the new Kerry campaign message machine and reports that Kerry is happy and that Shrum, Devine, and Mellman have been pushed somewhat aside by Joe Lockhart and Company. LINK

Absent from this story: the words "Joel Johnson" and "Mike Donilon."

Donald Lambro of the Washington Times on Tony Coelho's remarks on the disorganization of the Kerry campaign: LINK

George Will shakes his head at Kerry, examining why a focus on nuance, while helpful in the Senate, doesn't make for a great presidential candidate. That and not talking about a 20-year Senate record. LINK

The New York Times ' Archibold and Nagourney report on the "less belligerent and lower-profile" Senator John Edwards, and get an unnamed adviser to admit "he doesn't make for the most effective attack dog." They also report Edwards was not at all involved in the recent staff shakeup. LINK

The debate about debates:

The Commission on Presidential Debates to the campaigns in a letter yesterday: let's light this candle. LINK

In USA Today , Michael Crow, president of proposed third debate host Arizona State University, writes about the hardships and blessings of raising tuition at his institution. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: The Big Four: Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin:

ABC News' Jake Tapper profiled the battleground of Pennsylvania on Wednesday's "World News Tonight," and found independent voters who, concerned about both the economy and national security, are tough sells for the candidates. LINK

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