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The Hill's Jonathan Kaplan reports that ethics complaints of improper fundraising against Majority Leader Tom DeLay are "likely going to be dismissed by the House ethics committee, according to a source familiar with the panel's internal discussions." The "well-placed source" says at least some of the five Democrats on the panel are expected to agree DeLay has been wrongly accused. LINK

AP's Jim Abrams reports that billionaire Democratic donor George Soros is asking for an investigation into House Speaker's Dennis Hastert's insinuation that Soros' money might come from drug trafficking. LINK

The Hill's Bob Cusack reports the White House is refusing to promote HHS official Howard Zucker, "who has worked on healthcare problems confronting Iraq and Afghanistan because he contributed to the Democratic Party four years ago." LINK

Senator Judd Gregg is challenged to a Scrabble match by "Granny D" Haddock his 94-year-old Democratic opponent. LINK

Big Casino budget politics: Medicare:

New drug price comparisons are now posted on over the objections of drug companies, the New York Times ' Robert Pear reports. LINK

Here, Kitty Kitty:

Heaven personified: Frank Bruni writing about Kitty Kelley in the House and Home section of the New York Times . LINK

Lloyd Grove Notes the National Enquirer has conducted its own follow-up investigation into the allegations in Kelley's new book, "More Proof Bush Used Cocaine." Deputy White House press secretary Trent Duffy calls it, among other things, "trash." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Nader-Camejo '04:

John Kennedy of the Orlando Sentinel reports — after a day of dramatic events that at points have his both on and off the ballot — Nader's status is on hold. Yesterday justices stepped in and ordered Secretary of State Glenda Hood to halt any presidential ballots from being mailed until a decision is made on Ralph Nader's Reform Party candidacy. The Florida Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Friday morning. LINK

The New York Times ' editorial board thinks the new elections supervisor can't be trusted after her efforts to put Ralph Nader on the ballot. LINK

Susan Greene of the Denver Post looks at the Democrats' effort to remove Nader from the Colorado ballot: "The party's lawsuit — scheduled to be heard Friday in Denver District Court — seeks to prevent Nader from siphoning votes away from Democrat John Kerry as he did from Al Gore in 2000. The case comes as some Democrats are floating a referendum designed to keep Bush from winning all nine of the state's Electoral College votes." LINK

The land of 5 + 2 = 7:

A federal district judge on Wednesday rejected the Bush campaign's request to force the Federal Election Commission to crack down on 527 groups, the Washington Post 's Carol Leonnig reports. LINK

U.S. District Judge James Robertson agreed that the FEC is slow in its enforcement process, but said that the law doesn't give him the authority to order them to speed it up.

The Bush-Cheney '04 campaign put out a statement from general counsel Tom Josefiak on the judge's decision regarding the 527s.

It seems BC04 is not ready to give up the fight, as Josefiak Notes in his statement that the campaign is evaluating its option to appeal the judge's decision on an emergency basis.

From Josefiak:

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