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Quite ironically, (or poetically, depending on your point of view) this controversy might mark butterfly ballot inventor Theresa LePore's last as Palm Beach County supervisor of elections. She was defeated for re-election yesterday by Dr. Arthur Andersen, who has promised an overhaul of the way this fabled county conducts it selections. She'll stay in office through January.

Ms. LePore is not talking to reporters, perhaps protectively.

Another element of controversy: several hundred absentee ballots were rejected by the canvassing board (comprised of a judge and two county commissioners) because their authors forgot to sign their names. The rules are clear -- ballots must be signed -- but several of the voters and some voting rights groups (associated mostly with liberals and the Democratic Party) called on the board to count the votes anyway.

The upshot of all of this: the biggest issue on election day in November may very well be absentee ballots (because so many people -- as many as 30 percent in some states -- will vote early and because the rules have changed since 2002 and 2000) and provisional ballots (the rules have changed here, too).

Please do not say we didn't warn you.

The Wall Street Journal's Ron Lieber takes a state-by-state look at how absentee voting is becoming easier. LINK


Catch it all today, including David Chalian and Linda Douglass as they deconstruct the battlegrounds at 3:00 pm ET.


Thursday's theme is "A Safer World, A More Hopeful America" — program runs from 7:00 pm to 11:15 pm Speakers include (not in specific order): —Olympic Gold medalists gymnasts Mary Lou Retton and Kerri Strug deliver the Pledge of Allegiance. —Gov. George Pataki (R-N.Y.) addresses the convention. —President George Bush addresses the convention.


—8:45 am: Lynne Cheney speaks at the History Channel Breakfast at Gracie Mansion, New York, NY —9:00 am:  Vice President Dick Cheney, Lieutenant Governor Jeannette Bradley, Rep. Portman, and Gov. Marc Racicot speak before the Ohio delegation, New York, NY —11:45 am: Elizabeth Edwards holds a living room discussion with military families, North Little Rock, AK —12:00 pm: Sen. Edwards hosts a town hall with Pennsylvania voters at the George Washington Carver Community Center, Norristown, PA —4:30 pm:  Elizabeth Edwards participates in a roundtable discussion on education at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO —5:15 pm: Vice President Cheney speaks to the Republican Jewish Coalition at the Supper Club, New York, NY —10:15 pm: President Bush addresses the Republican National Convention, New York, NY —11:30 pm: Sens. John Kerry (D-MA) and John Edwards (D-NC) hold a rally at the Heritage Center of Clark County, Springfield, OH


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