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Former Reagan speechwriter Ken Kachigian advises Bush in the Washington Post to let the country know in his convention speech that he will "do whatever it takes to let the nation know that" he "will not be broken." LINK

Clinton speechwriter Jeff Sheshol writes in the Washington Post's Sunday Outlook section that instead of trying to reclaim the mantle of compassionate conservatism, President Bush should unabashedly proclaim what Shesol defines as his principles -- "deficits don't matter . . . tax cuts for the well-to-do create jobs for the rest of us . . . America's allies are more a hindrance than a help . . . security concerns trump civil liberties"-- and let the chips fall where they may. LINK

David Brooks, in the New York Times Magazine cover story, tries to reacquaint Republicans with Republican tradition. "Small-government conservatism is over, and compassionate conservatism never happened. The soul of the party is up for grabs." LINK

Bush's record suggests two presidencies: one before 9/11 and one after, the AP's Tom Raum writes. LINK

The New York Times' James Barron and Marjorie Connolly look at a new Times poll that shows 9/11 families -- despite a political makeup more akin to the rest of the country than to New York City -- are a very specific subsample who view the state of the country on their own terms: "They are more skeptical about national safety and less impressed with the administration's efforts before and after the attacks." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' La Ganga explains how economically hard-pressed Oklahoma bonds with President Bush over moral concerns. LINK

Republican National Convention: platform and politics:

Stefan Friedman of the New York Post learned that Sen. Zell Miller's keynote address will be about as anti-Kerry as can be. He "plans to hit Kerry over his political career -- one that Miller claims has been spent pushing and voting for far-left issues." LINK

Republican National Convention: protests and security:

Protesters oppose the Republican Party, but despite what Republicans think, Democrats haven't embraced them, the New York Times' Diane Cardwell reports. LINK

The New York Times' Randy Archibold talks to anarchist Chuck Munson, who explains what anarchism is all about. LINK

In the words of The Carpenters, "We've only just begun . . . " The Los Angeles Times on Saturday's Planned Parenthood rally which drew thousands. LINK

Tatsha Robertson and Marcella Bombardieri write about a city that never sleeps on high alert, days before the convention. '''We are prepared. The city's secure, it's safe,' says the Homeland Security secretary, Tom Ridge." LINK

The New York Daily News on the mixed history of events on the Great Lawn -- anti-war, pro-war, it's all been there. LINK

Republican National Convention: potpourri:

Our gal Deb Orin tells all from her interview with Laura Bush -- on politics, on the "absurd" comments her husband's opponent has made, on Teresa, and the important stuff. "She revealed that New York designer Oscar de la Renta did the turquoise skirt and jacket that she plans to wear -- barring a last-minute change -- when she addresses the convention Tuesday night." LINK

The New York Times' Rick Lyman on the conscious effort by New York's convention planners to outshine last month's affair in Boston. LINK

Bush Administration officials are warned not to accept freebies while partying in New York, the Chicago Tribune reports. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

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