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Will Broward County's vote work? "Will 6,020 iVotronic machines work at 795 precincts staffed with 8,973 workers? Unlike in 2002, where logistical meltdowns doomed the primary in both Broward and Miami-Dade counties, preparations and backup plans are in place. Voting machines are already in the precincts. Poll workers picked up their equipment on Friday, an improvement over 2002 when election workers scrambled on the eve of the election." LINK

Independent groups tell ABC News they'll look most closely at the Dade County, Orange County, and Duvall County votes.

Absentee ballots are being reviewed in Palm Beach County, and many are being rejected because they're not properly filled out. Who's to blame? The voter? The county? Both? LINK

The Democratic Party is reviewing its options.

The state will not yield on its recount rule, even though a judge has ordered them to. LINK

The Las Vegas Review Journal's Omar Sofradzija reports, "President Bush's re-election campaign is poised to make an unprecedented push for hundreds of thousands of Southern Nevadans to vote by absentee ballot in this fall's election." LINK

SBVf "T":

Former President Bush fanned doubts yesterday about Kerry's service in Vietnam. "In an interview with CNN, Mr. Bush did not directly challenge Mr. Kerry's record but rather, with the subtlety of a seasoned pro, parried questions in a way to gently bat the controversy aloft," reports the New York Times' James Bennet. Mr. Bush called "rather compelling" the claims of some veterans who have attacked Mr. Kerry's service, and he noted that others had accused these veterans of lying. "I have great confidence in Bob Dole," he added. "I don't think he'd be out there just smearing." LINK

Dana Milbank's got the goods on a Swiftie with a lucrative federal contract. LINK

Deborah Orin has all the details on the Swifties latest ad hitting Florida and Nashville airwaves soon. She also reports, "the swift vets are going national for the first time with an $800,000 cable-TV buy for a prior ad in which former POWs talk about Kerry's claims that U.S. soldiers were rapists and mass murderers." LINK

Nader-Camejo '04:

The Keystone state passes on Ralph Nader LINK

Makes Tricia Enright's job a little easier.


"Golan not suing," headlines the New York Daily News, along side a picture that looks like it could have been taken at the prom. LINK


Thirty-one electoral votes will be up for grabs on today's edition of ABC News Now's "Battlegrounds." Tune in at 3:05 pm ET to watch David Chalian and Linda Douglass delve into Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. What does John Kerry have to do to make sure those two states remain Blue on election night and how can George W. Bush take them away? The state party chairs from both parties will battle it out and a few home state scribes will help provide the lay of the land, you won't want to miss it.

Here's how and where to watch: LINK


Tuesday's theme is: "People of Compassion" — Tuesday's program runs from 7:00 pm - 11:15 pm ET

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