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The Bush campaign beats on Kerry for his tax votes and the DNC beats on Bush for lost jobs. The Kerry campaign releases two new ads attacking Bush and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that invoke the name of McCain, but pulls one of them at McCain's request. MoveOn PAC announces they have no shortage of ads on the way. The Media Fund and the New Democrat Network plug along with their steady anti-Bush campaigns.


4 BC04 ads: 2 touting the President's successes and 2 bashing Kerry 2 KE04 ads rejecting the attacks of SBVfT 3 DNC ads: 2 touting Kerry and 1 bashing Bush 1 Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad attacking Kerry 2 MoveOn PAC ads: 1 bashing Bush and 1 urging voter turnout....and many more on the way 6 Media Fund anti-Bush ads 2 New Democrat Network anti-Bush ads 1 anti-Nader ad


The Bush campaign released "Taxing our Economy" on Aug. 23. The ad attacks Kerry for senate votes on middle-class tax cuts. A campaign official told ABC's Karen Travers that the ad will run on national cable and in local markets in "most of the target states." This ad joins "Intel," "Victory," and "Solemn Vow" in rotation in 19 states and on cable. "Victory" and "Solemn Vow," which both do not mention Kerry, are also running during Olympic programming. "Victory" will come down with the conclusion of the Olympics as planned, and not because of the protests of the Iraqi soccer team or because the U.S. Olympic Committee asked the campaign to pull it. You can see them here: LINK


The campaign is running "Rassmann" and "Issues." "Rassmann" features the man whose life Kerry saved in Vietnam. "Issues" calls on President Bush to denounce the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's ads and invokes John McCain's name and comments regarding the SBVfT's ads. The campaign was also briefly running "Shame," a 60-second ad that featured an excerpt from a 2/15/00 GOP presidential debate in which McCain calls on Bush to denounce attacks on him that were happening at that time. McCain has subsequently asked for the Kerry campaign to pull this ad, and the campaign has said it will. You can see "Rassmann" and "Issues" here: LINK


The DNC launched another new ad on Thursday, Aug. 26, called "Broken Record," which mocks the President's touting of economic progress with selected labor statistics. They also are still running "Real People" about health care and "Stronger" which features Gen. McPeak asserting his support for Kerry. The DNC said all of these ads will continue to run in 21 states (adding Arkansas). You can see them here: LINK


The group is running "Sell Out" in New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania and cable DC through the end of the week. The ad uses footage from Kerry's 1971 testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with other Vietnam veterans saying how they felt about his comments. You can see it here: LINK


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