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4 days until the Republican convention 68 days until election day


A Note Quiz!!!

Bush campaign strategist and polling expert Matthew Dowd would react to the new Los Angeles Times poll showing President Bush moving ahead of Senator Kerry in the horserace (49-46) by saying:

A. "It's a mess."

B. "This shows the nation wants the strong, steady leadership of George W. Bush, not the waffling indecisiveness of John Kerry."

C. "We've always said this is going to be a close race."

D. "Elections are about the future — and John Kerry's past!!!"

(So ends our Quiz … .)

Stuff flowing Bush's way today, besides the echoing effect of the L.A. Times poll:

1. John McCain and the Bush campaign have both suggested in the last 24 hours that Kerry's anti-war protest activity is a legitimate issue — and the press hasn't objected.

2. Bob Novak and Ralph Hallow are going out with a whimper (and not a bang) on their platform bleatings.

3. Karl Rove is a "fantastic" television surrogate.

Stuff flowing Kerry's way today:

1. The poverty numbers.

2. The Wall Street Journal story on inflation.

3. Iraq chaos.

On the day President Bush returns to the hustings for the first time since last Wednesday, the Senators John will try to exploit that new Census Bureau report that is expected to show families are struggling, as measured by their median family income, poverty level, and health insurance. The Census data includes the number of Americans without health care, the topic that Kerry and Edwards will both pound today.

President Bush is in New Mexico with three campaign rallies hours away from an Edwards appearance in the state. Bush rallies in Las Cruces at 11:05 am ET; Farmington at 2:30 pm ET; and Albuquerque at 4:50 pm ET.

Edwards is in Mesilla, NM at 2:00 pm ET, literally miles away from Bush's Las Cruces rally. Watch the — you know the rest of that joke. Edwards then flies to Colorado for a town hall in Pete Coors' hometown at 7:00 pm ET.

Sen. Kerry is has a single event, a town hall at 11:15 am ET in Anoka, MN, before flying to SoCal to raise some money in Santa Monica. He overnights in San Francisco.

DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe releases the Democratic hit-back plan for the Republican convention at an 11:00 am ET press conference in Washington. At the same time RNC Chair Ed Gillespie gives what is being billed as a network camera-worthy keynote speech to the RNC Summer Meeting. Could it involve "Kerry" and "Iraq?" We'll just have to wait and see … .

And Teresa Heinz Kerry and Elizabeth Edwards are both campaign today; Heinz Kerry is in Toledo, OH and Southfield, MI and Edwards is in southern and central Florida.

Tonight, C-SPAN will air the entire April 22, 1971 testimony of a young John Kerry before the Fullbright committee.

Watch it, and watch yesterday's news become tomorrow's news.

And remember again: Brian Lamb might be an historic figure, but Steve Scully is a genius.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush v. Kerry:

Susan Pinkus and Matthew Dowd can be friends again!

Although the Los Angeles Times poll doesn't show a huge horserace shift, symbolically key is the fact that the president is now ahead, and substantively key is that Senator Kerry has taken some "attribute" hits that seem to flow out of the Swift Boat coverage.

Here are four key graphs on the pre-convention Times poll, written up by one of the Nation's premier writers-upper of polls, a gentleman named Ronald Brownstein: LINK

"For all the promising signs for Bush, the poll found the president still threatened by a current of uneasiness about the nation's direction. In the survey, a slight majority of voters said they believed the country was on the wrong track. A majority also said the country was not better off because of his policies and needed to set a new course. And 45% said they believed his policies had hurt rather than helped the economy."

"Those results suggested that a substantial part of the electorate remained open to change. But amid the firefight over Kerry's Vietnam service and uncertainty about his policy plans, the Democrat still has not built a constituency for his candidacy as large as the audience for change in general, the poll suggested. Nearly 1 in 5 voters who say the country needs to change policy direction is not supporting Kerry, according to the poll … .."

"But if Kerry showed relatively few bruises on these questions directly measuring reactions to the veterans' charges against him, indirect measures suggested he had suffered more damage."

"Asked how Kerry's overall military experience would affect their vote, 23% said it made them more likely to vote for him, while 21% said it made them less likely; the remaining 53% said it would make no difference. That has to be a disappointment for the Kerry camp after a Democratic convention last month that placed Kerry's Vietnam service at the top of the marquee."

Candidates Bush and Edwards descend upon New Mexico today, where the numbers of independent voters "have grown by nearly 20,000 in the last 10 months," according to the AP. LINK

Sen. Edwards spoke out to youth, black voters, and the working class in Ohio yesterday. LINK

USA Today 's Susan Page writes on the front page about the marriage gap with woman-on-the-street interviews in Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE, and amazingly none of the women are identified as MBNA employees. LINK

The "marriage gap" is not in between Pottery Barn and Structure. LINK

The Los Angeles Times sizes up the differing stump styles of the Number Twos on the ticket. LINK

(Insert Austin Powers or potty joke here.)

Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe writes about Sen. Kerry's attack on President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld concerning Abu Ghraib — finally something other than Swift Boat attacks!LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Tom Herman looks at just how hard hit those high-income taxpayers would be under a President Kerry.

Redefining the "full Ginsberg":

Progress for America Voter Fund, another GOP 527, says that Ben Ginsberg has given them advice too, on approving ad scripts and the like.

Ginsberg will continue to work for the Swifties, the PfAVF, and his numerous other Republican clients.

Democratic lawyer Robert Bauer was paid by the Kerry campaign itself before the general election campaign began in earnest.

He is now paid by the DNC and works with the Kerry campaign's lawyers and the DNC's lawyers. He is not now paid by the Kerry campaign, though he does actively provide them with counsel on election protection issues. Kerry's lead lawyer is Marc Elias, who is a partner of Bauer's at Perkins Coie. Elias and Bauer work very closely on election protection stuff. Bauer supports the work of two Perkins Coie partners who are lead counsel for America Coming Together.

The Boston Globe 's Pat Healy does a serious Ginsburg v. Bauer write-upLINK

The Washington Post 's Balz and Edsall detail the back and forth of an intense Wednesday. LINK


The Washington Times reports on the tale of dueling letters — and a key distinction, Camp Kerry never claimed "there was no connection to the third-party groups."

"We've been upfront from the get-go about what role Bob Bauer played," said, said a Democratic source speaking on the condition of anonymity. "And when Zach Exley came over here, it was no secret. It wasn't like he snuck in the middle of the night and popped up at a desk." LINK

ABC's Jake Tapper breaks down the ties that bind. LINK

Lisa Getter in the Los Angeles Times also looks at the role of lawyers in 527s and their multiple clients. LINK

Amy Fagan of the Washington Times reports on conservative and Republican groups that are getting hip to raising/spending 527 dollars for the final push, and closing the money gap. Is the age of liberal-leaning 527 domination really over? LINK

The Rocky Mountain News Notes the influence of 527s in Colorado, a place from wherest big donors hail. Republican Senate candidate Pete Coors was the target of negative ads, paid for with 527 dollars, during the primary. And we've only just begun! LINK

We wonder, after Ginsberg's big, fast press tour: how much soul searching is going on in newsrooms over his allegations of media bias?

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: news of day:

Sen. McCain had lunch with USA Today yesterday, and based on Jill Lawrence's article, we wonder if he had any time to eat. LINK

"I'm sick and tired of re-fighting the Vietnam War. And most importantly, I'm sick and tired of opening the wounds of the Vietnam War, which I've spent the last 30 years trying to heal … .It's offensive to me, and it's angering to me that we're doing this. It's time to move on," McCain said.

"'Bush has denounced all ads run by groups spending millions on behalf of candidates independently of their campaigns. He refused to single out the Swift Boat group. 'Would I like to see a more specific condemnation?' McCain asked. 'Probably, because of the sensitivity of the war issue to me.'"

The New York Times ' Sheryl Gay Stolberg gets McCain to tell her he will personally "express my displeasure'' to President Bush over the ads and that he wishes the Kerry campaign "would not use my campaign for the Republican nomination against President Bush.'' LINK

According to spokesman Sean McCabe, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth increased their ad but this week from $600,000 to $735,000. They're on the air in New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania and cable DC through the end of the week. As of today, they've raised over $2 million through the Web site, with more than $32,000. Average donation is about $64 a person, McCabe said.

Kerry communications director Stephanie Cutter says that the campaign has decided to put on the broadcast airwaves an Internet ad that features thirty seconds of John McCain harshly and strongly criticizing then Gov. Bush for refusing to denounce an outside group who attacked McCain's war record. The footage is taken from a Feb. 14, 2000 debate. It will run in the same six states that the Swift Boat ads are running in, mixed in with its other rebuttal ad.

The campaign says that it received thousands of e-mails urging them to rebut the Swift Boat attacks with that Internet ad. And, a la Joe Trippi, they listened.

Former Nixon special assistant Noel Koch has a deep, emotional critique of Sen. Bob Dole's criticism of Kerry in today's Washington Post and writes "it is hurtful that those who served in Vietnam are being split in so vile a fashion, and that the wounds of that war are reopened at the instigation of people who avoided serving at all." LINK

Dana Milbank's Letter from Crawford has wonderful, colorful detail of the matchup between Senator Max Cleland and a veteran representing the Bush campaign, writing that "the two veterans circled each other in the 95-degree heat at a checkpoint outside the ranch, holding their letters as if they were hand grenades. Then — without exchanging letters — the two retreated to face the cameras … " LINK

The New York Post 's Deb Orin on the "showdown in the Texas schoolyard." LINK

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: political implications:

Watch for Annenberg data today on vets attitudes about Bush and Kerry; the same tomorrow; and a big convention splash on persuadables and the general pubblic.

Jim Hoagland is looking forward. LINK

"The moral choice Kerry made in opposing the war soon after that walk — uttering incendiary accusations he now does not repeat — is as important and as worthy of examination as his battle experiences. Taken together, both commitments present a man who learns from his experiences and throws himself passionately into new courses of action. This is not indecision or vacillation. It is an excess of decision."

Ed Gillespie is also looking forward: On the "Daily Show" last night, Jon Stewart brought up the Swift Boat Vets and asked about the back and forth and letter exchange. Gillespie reiterated that the Republicans honor Sen. Kerry's service. Stewart pointed out that some veterans are angry at Kerry for his post-war comments and Gillespie interrupted to say "his testimony in 1971," but did not continue on that topic.

The Washington Post 's Lynne Duke has this fine note on the importance of "honor" in the Vietnam debate: "So valued is this sense of honor that the allegation of dishonor hits like heavy ordnance. And for weeks, the Swift boat veterans have been firing away — just as they feel they were fired on, by Kerry, some 33 years ago when the decorated young vet likened the U.S. military in Vietnam to war criminals." LINK

The New York Times ' Timothy Egan examines how the ongoing use of the Vietnam War as a campaign issue affects veterans, regardless of whom they support, and how the Swift Boat ads are playing among these former soldiers who increasingly feel like "political footballs." LINK

"None of the veterans interviewed said the challenge by the anti-Kerry group, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, had changed their minds on the election. But a handful said the attacks were making them rethink support for Mr. Bush."

Deb Orin columnizes in the New York Post about the political impact the SBVfT ads are having on Kerry and she was sure to include this blind quote: LINK

"'If they think this is a winner right now, they're smoking something. It's time to take your lumps and move on. They've got to get back on their game and talk about jobs and health care,' says a longtime Democratic strategist."

Republican National Convention: platform:

Bob Novak has this take: "The platform is less a forward-looking declaration of party principle than a backward-looking review of President Bush's four years, more so than with past incumbent presidents. The first 41 pages praise Bush as a war leader. Because there is little difference between the president's and mainstream Republican thinking, however, it is a basically conservative document. Conservatives can take issue with stem-cell research, gay marriage and particularly immigration provisions, but the right is essentially happy with this platform." LINK

"While Democrats went through a seemingly democratic procedure to create a sham platform skirting contentious issues, Republicans have a real platform that was handed down like the Ten Commandments. The subcommittee chairmen got their first glimpse of it last weekend, but it was kept from the other 100-odd committee members until after their opening reception Tuesday night."

The New York Times ' David Kirkpatrick reports that Republicans drafting the platform engaged in a brief fight over stem cell research last night, quelled only by a "lengthy" speech by Dr. Bill Frist. Kirkpatrick also reports conservatives plan to fight over the president's immigration policy today, as conservatives are poised to fight to amend the plank dealing with it. We're just trying to get our heads around debate in this platform committee, as opposed to the "carefully choreographed displays of unity" of the Democrats. LINK

The Washington Post 's Chuck Babington's take on the platform committee debate was that "At the urging of conservative groups such as the Family Research Council, the platform committee went further in tone and detail than the GOP staffers who wrote the draft." LINK

Conservatives fume over "what they see as twin betrayals," per Hallow and Curl of the Washington Times : the Republican National Convention platform's position on illegal aliens and Dick Cheney's remarks on gay marriage. LINK

But the Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson reports Gary Bauer is pleased thus far. LINK

Republican National Convention: Politics:

At today's RNC summer meeting in midtown, keynoter Ed Gillespie is expected to hit the "John Kerry can't have it both ways" refrain. Other excerpts weren't available at press time as the speech was "still moving through the process," according to one source very familiar with the speech's construction.

As it was with Boston … state GOP candidates in tight races are staying home to campaign. LINK

" … next week's Republican National Convention gives Schwarzenegger the chance to redefine himself to a national audience. After years of seeing him in front of exploding vehicles in movie trailers, most Americans will see him as a working politician for the first time when he speaks at the convention," writes Dan Schnur on the Los Angeles Times op-ed page. LINK

Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle also looks at Gov. Schwarzenegger's schedule during convention week, Noting that private donors are paying the $350,000 bill for his travel and activities, and that not only does Schwarzenegger not plan to preview the speech for reporters, but the BC04 camp does not plan to vet it. LINK

The New York Times ' Cooper and Slackman write that next week's convention is Gov. George Pataki's chance to convince the Republican base he is one of them. LINK

New York Democrats are still pretty fired up over Speaker Hastert's comments concerning New York legislators quest for federal dollars in the aftermath of 9/11. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Al Hunt looks at the enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a package that is both "much more conservative than liberal admirers like to acknowledge" and who is "the most popular and, in many ways, influential politician of our times": Sen. John McCain. Hunt suggests, as does McCain himself indirectly in his other print appearances today, that the Arizona Senator is pretty serious about a 2008 presidential run.

Republican National Convention: protests and security:

A victory in court for the city causes protest organizers to cancel the Post -march rally on Sunday. We expect to hear details today about how the march will come to an end. LINK

More protest articles: . LINK and LINK and LINK and LINK and LINK and LINK

"The city is secure," said Tom Ridge. LINK

The New York Times ' Glenn Collins gets the Secret Service to say that protecting the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City was, at least on the body, more difficult than protecting the Republican National Convention. LINK

Republican National Convention: potpourri:

We urge you to check out New York Magazine's special convention package. It is chock full of must reads including the polling that indicates just how far apart the Republican Party and its New Yorker hosts are on the political spectrum. LINK

"Gala's Prudes Defeat Nudes" is one of our favorite headlines in a long time. LINK

Meet the Republican Convention bloggers, as presented by the Wall Street Journal online: LINK

Republican National Convention: the Democrats:

Mission Not Accomplished = DNC's convention theme.

The Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont reports that Gov. Vilsack will lead the Dems' New York response operation. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

" … it is unclear whether the scandal's most dramatic findings in months will tarnish an administration — and hence the Bush reelection campaign — that has so far proved resilient amid the crisis," writes Mark Mazzetti of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

President Bush is back on the campaign trail "with a vengeance," the Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen reports. LINK

The president's lead up to the Republican National Convention will take him to "eight closely contested states before he arrives at Madison Square Garden in New York" next week, Chen Notes in his look ahead at the president's schedule.

The New York Times ' Michael Janofsky talks to a bunch of conservative advocates who are mostly not too pleased with Vice President Cheney's same-sex marriage comments on Tuesday. LINK

(See below for Sen. Santorum's thoughts on the subject at a rally with the Vice President in Pennsylvania.)

Knight Ridders' Steven Thomma writes that the president "is walking a political tightrope on his way" to the convention. LINK

Dow Jones picks up on Cheney's comment that the Strategic Oil Petroleum Reserve should only be tapped in an emergency.

The Wall Street Journal 's Joel Flint picks up Nielsen Monitor Plus's ad numbers and has a boffo look at the Bush cable ad spending, which is infinitely higher than the Kerry-Edwards campaign's spending on same (not to mention infinitely higher than in 2000) and has focused to a huge extent on the base and those "influentials."

Inflation numbers are low, but because of high food and energy prices, they still may not be great news for President Bush, the Wall Street Journal 's Michael Schroeder reports.

ABC News' Karen Travers reports that Vice President Cheney rounded out his day on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania yesterday with an interview with ESPN's Sam Ryan at the Little League World Series in Williamsport. Cheney chatted about Little League and his own baseball career but the attention turned to his two oldest granddaughters, Kate and Elizabeth Perry, who told Ryan about their own athletic prowess.

The Perry girls, who could be giving Emma Claire and Jack Edwards a run for their money in the adorable photo-op category, joined their grandparents, mother Liz and aunt Mary on the campaign trail yesterday, joining in for introductions and providing a nice family tableau for the BC04/Cheney press offices.

It worked in Wilkes-Barre, where the Times Leader headline reads: "Cheney puts family 1st." LINK

Brett Marcy gives Lynne Cheney the surprise star of the day award, Noting "Her personal stories and light-hearted commentary seemed to win over many in the crowd."

One day after telling a town hall meeting audience that his daughter was a lesbian and that it was his position that the gay marriage issue should be handled on a state level, Vice President Cheney stuck to his standard stump speech at two rallies in the Keystone State and did not face any Noteworthy questions at a town hall meeting.

Before rally in Pottsville, Sen. Rick Santorum said he disagreed with Cheney's position on gay marriage, Bob Laylo of the Allentown Morning Call reports. LINK

"'I think that fundamentally this is an issue that will not be able to be decided by the states,' said Santorum, R-Pa, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate. 'I wish it could be, but I think we're past that point.'"

"Santorum said Cheney's view that people should be able to enter into any kind of relationship they want to would make the laws 'pretty meaningless.'"

The biggest news of the day may have been the Cheney's quick stop for dinner before the Little League game — the McDonald's on Route 15 South in Williamsport. The Cheneys and the grandchildren sat down for Happy Meals and a grilled chicken salad (for the Veep, of course). Mrs. Cheney remarked on the willpower of the press for not grabbing some fries, but she did not realize that a dozen pizzas were waiting in the press bus.

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

The Washington Post 's Broder and Nakamura wrap the Senators John's focus on the economy yesterday. LINK

Elizabeth Edwards had a full day in Pensacola, FL. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's lead story headline: "Kerry calls court vacancies key issue." LINK

The Columbus Dispatch's Darrel Rowland reports from the trenches of the "unprecedented" ground war in Ohio. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battlegrounds:

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Bob Von Stenberg writes that "at a time when there appear to be relatively few voters in Minnesota and elsewhere who haven't already made up their minds, Kerry's invitation-only town hall meeting this morning at Anoka Hennepin Technical College may dramatize how hard those voters are to find. His campaign staff members wanted to fill the meeting with a few hundred undecided voters, but say they were having a tough time finding them earlier this week." LINK

The Pioneer Press' Bill Salisbury describes the stretch of Minnesota where Kerry will be today as "the heart of the state's 'Jesse Ventura belt,' populated by independent-minded swing voters." LINK

Las Cruces, NM is today's battleground destination of choice where the two major presidential campaigns will once again cross paths. LINK

Vets for Kerry rallied in Albuquerque to denounce the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads and allegations. LINK

Kathleen Gray of the Detroit Free Press laments the lack of any primetime speakers from Michigan and Notes just how much of a battleground state it is. LINK

"Since mid-June, not a week has gone by without a visit from President George W. Bush — who came four times in July alone — Vice President Dick Cheney or first lady Laura Bush."


Before a crowd of 200 at Drake University Wednesday night, indie candidate Ralph Nader attacked "viral liberals" and "cynics" for pulling up stakes on progressive principles to support John Kerry. LINK

Tom Beaumont of the Des Moines Register reports on Nader's first campaign trip to Iowa this year where he attacked Dems for "costing former Vice President Al Gore the election in 2000." LINK

Major roadblocks for Nader in Ohio where the "Butler County Board of Elections ruled that only 24 of Nader's 633 petition signatures — less than 4 percent — were valid in the county," according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. LINK

At 1:00 pm ET today The Nader Factor will launch a signature gathering campaign outside the RNC headquarters in Washington to petition Ed Gillespie to let Ralph Nader speak to his right wing supporters at next week's Republican National Convention. "After seeing the passion and hard work that right-wing has put into helping Nader, we thought it only fair that Nader have a chance to speak at the Republican Convention," states The Nader Factor's Chris Kofinis, in a release.

The petition argues: "Seriously, we believe Republicans deserve to hear from Mr. Nader. Remember, right wing Republicans have been trying hard every day to help 'kinda of not elect' Mr. Nader. And, Mr. Nader has been working hard every day to 'kinda of not take your money and ballot help.'" LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

The Washington Post 's Jo Becker takes a(nother) good look at how important early voting could be this year. LINK

The NAACP and other civil rights leaders accused the Republican Party of mounting a campaign to prevent African-Americans and other minorities from voting in November, reports Becker elsewhere. LINK

Florida election officials are preparing for the possibility of recounts. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

The Washington Post 's Charles Babington takes a look at the Thune/Daschle race and Notes Thune "needs only a few more votes here and there to end Daschle's 26-year congressional career. LINK

Betty Castor has a healthy lead over Rep. Peter Deutch in the week before the primary next Tuesday. LINK

Mel Martinez won't campaign with President Bush tomorrow. "'He is going to win this on his own,' Martinez spokeswoman Jennifer Coxe said. 'He thinks it's more important to be at the debate with the other candidates.'" LINK

Da Coach gives Alan Keyes da OK — and dinner, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. LINK

TODAY'S SCHEDULE (all times ET):

—8:30 am: Freddie Mac releases the weekly report on mortgage rates —8:30 am: The Labor Department releases the weekly report on initial jobless claims —8:45 am: Elizabeth Edwards holds a "Just Ask a Woman" meeting at the Newport Place Retirement Community, Boynton Beach, FL —9:30 am: The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee meets in a closed meeting at the Capitol about the role of the National Intelligence Director with Defense Undersecretary for Intelligence Dr. Stephen Cambone and others, Washington, DC —10:00 am: The Census Bureau releases 2003 data on income, poverty, and health insurance coverage during a press conference, Washington, DC —10:00 am: Pollsters Celinda Lake and Ed Goeas hold a press conference to release the latest George Washington University Battleground 2004 poll, Washington, DC —11:00 am: DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe holds a press conference to detail the DNC's planned response to the Republican convention, Washington, DC —11:00 am: RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie gives the keynote address of the RNC Summer Meeting Marriott Marquis, New York, NY —11:05 am: President Bush speaks at a rally New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM —11:15 am: Sen. John Kerry holds a town hall meeting at Anoka Hennepin Technical College, Anoka, MN —11:30 am: Commerce Secretary Don Evans and Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson discuss new income and health insurance data from the Census Bureau during a conference call with reporters —12:15 pm: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Rep. Ciro Rodriguez responds to the Census Bureau report at the Capitol, Washington, DC —12:30 pm: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg tours the Republican Convention media center in the James A. Farley Post Office Building, New York, NY —12:45 pm: Teresa Heinz Kerry discusses rising health care costs and the economic pressures facing women at the Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, OH —1:00 pm: Anti-Nader group, "," launches signature-gathering effort in front of RNC headquarters to persuade the GOP to let Nader address their convention —1:15 pm: The Womens Economic Equality group hosts a brown bag lunch and round table discussion at a Women for Kerry/Edwards event at the DNC headquarters, Washington, DC —2:00 pm: Sen. John Edwards holds a rally at the Historic Old Mesilla Plaza, Mesilla, NM —2:15 pm: Elizabeth Edwards holds a roundtable discussion with female small business owners at the El Bohio Cafe, Orlando, FL —2:30 pm: President Bush speaks at a rally at Ricketts Park, Farmington, NM —4:50 pm: President Bush speaks at a rally at Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque, NM —5:00 pm: Teresa Heinz Kerry speaks about rising health care costs and the economy pressures facing women at Hope United Methodist Church, Southfield, MI —7:00 pm: Sen. Edwards holds a town hall meeting at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden, CO —9:55 pm: President Bush returns to the White House —10:00 pm: Sen. Kerry attends a DNC fundraiser at the Fairmont, Santa Monica, CA