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The campaign has three other ads currently in rotation, continuing its heavy ad blitz in August. This is the sixth television ad from BC04 this month.

Last month, the campaign released five TV ads and two radio ads, spending $38.3 million on media — the most BC04 has spent on ads since its initial media launch in March when it spent $40 million.

The BC04 campaign is also up with three other ads. "Intel," an ad slamming Kerry on his record on intelligence spending and his attendance record on the Senate Intelligence Committee, is still up in select local markets in 19 states and on national cable.

The campaign is also airing two spots on national cable and during Olympic programming that do not focus on Sen. Kerry. "Victory," the campaign's Olympic-themed ad that features the flags of Iraq and Afghanistan and Notes that there are "two more free nations" in this years Games, has drawn criticism from Iraqi athletes. One Iraqi soccer player was quoted in Sports Illustrated last week as saying of the president: "He can find another way to advertise himself."

Victory is also airing in over 250 fitness clubs on ClubCom.

The other ad airing on national cable and during Olympic programming is "Solemn Duty," which features the president talking about Sept. 11 and terrorism.

On to the new ad:


President Bush: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message. Voice Over: Now Kerry promises … John Kerry: We won't raise taxes on the middle class. Voice Over: Really? John Kerry's voted to raise gas taxes on the middle class … 10 times … He supported a 50 cent a gallon gas tax increase. Higher taxes on middle class parents … 18 times. He voted to raise taxes on Social Security benefits. 98 votes for tax increases. There's what Kerry says and then there's what Kerry does.

We'll watch how the Kerry campaign deals with these golden oldies.

The New York Times ' Elisabeth Bumiller Notes that President Bush isn't expected at this point to spend a single night in New York during the convention. LINK

Bumiller writes that one reason for the quick visit to the Big Apple is Republicans concern that the president not be seen as exploiting Sept. 11. But "That doesn't mean Mr. Bush and other convention speakers won't mention it, and often, from the podium."

"'You can't not have it,' said Matthew Dowd, a senior political adviser to Mr. Bush. 'It would be like Roosevelt not talking about Pearl Harbor.'"

Warren Vieth looks at the lack of the "Vision Thing" that has some conservatives worried about a second-term agenda from President Bush. LINK

"The lack of specifics has rattled some conservatives. Like his father 12 years ago, they say, Bush needs to articulate a bold domestic agenda, or risk losing the election by seeming out of touch with voters' pocketbook concerns."

Bob Hillman profiles Vice President Cheney in the Dallas Morning News, Noting "his deep roots in conservative Republican politics make him a linchpin in the president's all-out efforts to bolster his political base."LINK

USA Today has a brief on the meeting at the ranch today. LINK

Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times on Sunday Noted in a must-read the exceptional attention (in advertising and presidential campaign visits) the President's re-election team has paid and continues to pay to the Republican base and not undecided voters. LINK

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