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The Washington Post 's John Harris writes that the serious infighting within the Ohio GOP "could become a factor at the national level if these voters conclude that Republicans are the party of entrenched power in both Washington and Columbus." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battleground employment:

The Los Angeles Times' Maura Reynolds sketches the battleground state job picture.

"The states hit the hardest in July were Michigan and Missouri, where Bush and his Democratic challenger, Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, have been campaigning avidly. Missouri lost 51,800 jobs, a drop of about 2%. Michigan lost 24,500 jobs, or about half a percent." LINK

Greg Ip's take on the numbers is somewhat more positive, although he focuses a little more on job losses since 2000:

But he also has this nice, if somewhat obvious, Florida/Ohio comparison:

"Mark Zandi, chief economist at, a West Chester, Pa., firm specializing in state and local economic analysis, said Florida's job market likely will continue to do well while Ohio's and Michigan's will remain weak between now and Election Day. Florida, he said, is about to receive a $20 billion influx of insurance money and state and federal disaster aid as a result of Hurricane Charley. Meanwhile, 'Ohio and Michigan are very dependent on the domestic auto industry, which is struggling to hold onto sales and jobs.'"

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

"In all, whether by mail or in person, 19 percent of Americans already plan to vote early this fall, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. That number could reach 25 percent or even higher with the push in coming weeks, experts say," The New York Times reported on Sunday. The campaigns, parties, and outside groups are well aware of the early/absentee vote phenomenon and planning (to excruciating detail) accordingly. LINK

Again: accusations that Theresa LePore designed a confusing ballot … LINK

Dan Keating's Sunday Washington Post story on what actually happened with missing votes in New Mexico suggests potential problems this year, and what would have happened had Don Evans decided to challenge the results there to match Gore's Florida effort. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battlegrounds:

Lynn Bartels of the Rocky Mountain News Notes a surge of nearly 91,000 newly registered voters in Colorado in recent months. Republicans still have a 180,817-vote lead in the state. LINK

David Broder, in Beaver Island, MI, wrote in Sunday's Washington Post that Bush needs lots of help in that part of the state … and that the campaign is turning "ugly." LINK

The Driving Votes caravan paid a visit in Kansas City this past weekend on its road trip across the country. LINK

The Kansas City Star reports of soldiers returning home from Iraq and the family struggles that follow. LINK

While campaigning in his native Pennsylvania, Gov. Vilsack described the presidential contest in Iowa thusly: It "is as close as fuzz on a tick's ear." LINK


The AP Notes officials in four states Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Missouri have denied Ralph Nader access to state ballots for an insufficient amount of signatures — though Nader's campaign says it ain't over. LINK

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