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On that same topic, the Charlotte Observer's Mark Johnson writes, "The commercials are scheduled to run from Sept. 7 up to election day, Nov. 2. The Republicans' purchase of advertising time that far in advance suggests they are concerned about North Carolina turning into a battleground state and the national and state campaigns buying up the advertising time, said Evan Tracey, chief operating officer of Campaign Media Analysis Group, which monitors advertising purchases." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the House:

Lauren W. Whittington of Roll Call reports a recount is expected in North Carolina's 10th district primary. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the gubernatorial races:

The Kansas City Star looks at the latest campaign moves by gubernatorial candidates in Missouri. "Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Blunt on Wednesday called for reform of Missouri's workers' compensation system, while his opponent, Democrat Claire McCaskill, insisted the state do better at protecting children." LINK

Things are heating up in the Vermont gubernatorial race as well as each candidate tries to paint the other as a radical. The Boston Globe 's Sarah Schweitzer reports. LINK

Nader-Camejo '04:

The Nader Factor plans to begin running 60-second television and print ads today in New Mexico and Wisconsin. The comprehensive ad details instances where the GOP is said to have shown support for the Nader campaign, rolling out a clever new tag line, "Something strange is happening in American politics."

The buy is relatively small, but will surely see loads of free media. LINK

The New York Times ' Kit Seelye reports "Ralph Nader's efforts to get his name on presidential ballots in important swing states are becoming mired in legal challenges and charges of fraud by Democrats who have mounted an extensive campaign to keep him from becoming a factor in this year's election." LINK

Nader supporters took triple precautionary measures to put their candidate on the ballot in Ohio submitting 14,473 to Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, when only 5,000 were necessary (a smart move for a third party candidate seeking ballot access in the in the Mother of All Battlegrounds). Cox News Service notes "U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Cleveland, urged no votes for Nader, even though they had fought for many of the same issues over the years." Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik will likely make the ballot as well. LINK

Glenn Adams of the AP reports Democrats in Maine are preliminarily looking for flaws in Nader's petitions. LINK

The Seattle Times Notes Ralph Nader may be denied participation in the alternative presidential debates he has praised and championed. "Given the political climate this year and the hostility toward him, it's not clear that he will meet our criteria," said George Farah, a board member of the Citizens' Debate Commission. LINK

"Peace and Justice" will be the name of the party on which Ralph Nader will run in New York should he (as is expected) get on the ballot. LINK

The secretary of state in Missouri has ruled Ralph Nader will not be on the ballot, reports the AP. LINK

Brad Cain of the AP details the controversy that brought upon a state — Oregon — that is rarely associated with dirty tricks. Both the Nader campaign and self-appointed Nader watch groups have accused the other side of wrongdoing. LINK

Sean Reilly of the Mobile Register reports on the trials and tribulations of third parties aiming to make the ballots. LINK

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