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Dynamics and developments to watch this week:

1. When does Powell speak? (And what does he say?)

2. What does tonight's ABC/Washington Post poll show? Lots of ground covered, from Iraq and pre-war intelligence to the issues and the campaign -- fasten your seatbelts.

3. When and how does the White House begin to trash in earnest a book for which the President did interviews?

4. As Congress returns, what strength and concern do Members take from their candidates' high-profile perfs (Bush presser and Kerry Meeter)?

5. Do we get that new Kerry ad?

6. Now the DNC has conceded that it hasn't figured out how to get contemporary footage of President Bush from public events like news conferences through channels it can use in spots, and the Kerry campaign has conceded that it wasn't able to get the vintage '70s "Meet the Press" footage itself, will somebody in the party take control and end the madness?

(Note how quickly BC04 got that Kerry $87 billion video in a usable form . . .)

7. Now the Dr. Rice showed up with oppo on Bob Kerrey, and General Ashcroft showed up with oppo on Jamie Gorelick, and Kerry showed up with oppo on Russert, will everyone in Washington assume that anyone they are facing off against in a televised appearance will be packing?

8. What time bombs (means testing, terrorism, the Heinz tax returns, the '70s?) exist in Kerry's otherwise-well-received "Meet" appearance?

9. What happens with everything on the ground in Iraq?

10. Does anyone else join the Spaniards in deciding against staying in Iraq?

11. Will the cable nets be swayed/pressured by today's Howie Kurtz piece to give John Kerry more "air" time?

12. Will Woodward stay in Kerry's stump speech, and for how long?

13. Will the blind quotes of one lobbyist in the Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman's piece on the record-breaking pork in a bill supposed to include modest tax breaks for exporters scuttle the bill? LINK

(New York-based media executives will be outraged!!)

President Bush speaks about the Patriot Act and attends a fundraiser for Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania today.

He speaks about the Patriot Act in Buffalo tomorrow morning before attending a New York City RNC Victory 2004 fundraiser tomorrow night.

He speaks to the teachers of the year, the national newspaper association and at a National Race for the Cure reception Wednesday at the White House in addition to meeting with Jordanian President King Abdullah. He speaks about Earth Day in Maine on Thursday morning before giving youth environmental awards at the White House.

He speaks about volunteering and attends an RNC fundraiser in Florida on Friday.

Sen. Kerry attends a fundraiser with Sen. Joe Lieberman this morning in Juno Beach, Fla., before holding a town hall with Lieberman in Lake Worth. He travels to Atlanta for another fundraiser this evening.

He campaigns in Tampa tomorrow morning and holds three separate Miami and Bal Harbor fundraisers tomorrow night. He is in New Orleans on Wednesday, Houston on Thursday, and Washington on Friday.

Vice President Cheney speaks at a fundraiser for a candidate for Congress in Roanoke, Va., today before attending an RNC fundraiser in Chattanooga, Tenn.

First Lady Laura Bush attends an RNC fundraiser in Kentucky on Tuesday afternoon. She is in Tennessee on Friday.

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