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After much controversy, Cipel resigned from state government in August 2002. The relationship between Cipel with McGreevey soured after he left the state payroll, several sources close to the governor report. Those sources believe that Cipel thought that the Governor should continue to help him find a job.

In recent weeks, it has been reported that Cipel said that unless he was paid ''millions of dollars," he would file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Governor.

McGreevey adviser Jim Margolis (no longer mired in a presidential race and available to offer advice to his Garden State client) tells the Los Angeles Times that Cipel threatened the lawsuit for weeks and added this about the governor's decision to resign. LINK

"He knew that once the word had gotten out about the lawsuit, regardless if the charges were false, that all that would be left would be a circus out there … "

Cipel has been in the United States under a work visa granted to foreigners with special skills not readily available among Americans. In dealing with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Cipel has been represented by the powerful Newark law firm of Sills Cummis Radin Tischman Epstein & Gross, another of McGreevey's top donors.

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McGreevey: unanswered questions: So … what is in the lawsuit?

If the lawsuit isn't as, shall we say, "bad" as some think it might be, will Republicans in New Jersey hold their fire for fear of being mean to McGreevey?

Who tried to convince McGreevey not to resign?

Who ultimately convinced him he had to resign?

Was the Nov. 15 date a way to allow him to move the date up if demands that he resign sooner ring louder?

If he resigns before Sept. 3, necessitating a Nov. 2, 2004 election, who would run? (The parties would choose their nominees, but it only takes 800 signatures to run as an independent …)

Can he survive through Nov. 15 anyway?

Do any Democrats start to call on him to leave earlier?

When do the first polls on this come out?

What, if anything, will Sen. Kerry or President Bush say about this?

What will gay rights activists say when the details of the lawsuit are revealed?

Will McGreevey's decision to publicly accept his homosexuality have a salutatory or deleterious effect on the gay rights movement?

And who will be the next politician to come out?

What effect will this have on on-going probes of former McGreevey aides and fundraisers? Are they connected in any way?

A history of McGreevey's troubled reign as governor. LINK

Charges of being an extorter … who is Golan Cipel?: LINK; LINK; LINK; and LINK

The next 90 days will be tenuous in New Jersey politics as plays for power and political gain engulf the state. LINK; LINK; and LINK

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