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"Former Republican Gov. Christie Whitman criticized McGreevey's plan to wait until Nov. 15, saying it 'smacks of politics.' She said it 'would be in the best interests of the state' for the governor to step aside immediately." LINK

McGreevey: the editorials:

Now, here's a group of people who think waiting until Nov. 15 is a bad idea.

"This governor is conning us yet again. What he means is that he intends to stall his departure for two months to ensure that the Democratic Party keeps control of the governorship until the end of 2005. That's unacceptable. Gov. McGreevey should resign at once. If there is any truth to his assurances that he cares about the well-being of the state of New Jersey, he will pack up and go," writes the Trenton Times. LINK

The New York Times writes, "While the mechanics of trying to hold gubernatorial primaries and an election this year would be daunting, Mr. McGreevey's strategy doesn't serve New Jersey residents well." LINK

"Although he said he is resigning to avoid any damage to his family and the state due to his admission of his affair, the governor is also clearly trying to keep the Democratic Party in power. Resigning in November would mean the state Senate president, Richard Codey, would become acting governor and serve out the rest of Mr. McGreevey's term, through January 2006. That would be a gross injustice to the people of New Jersey. Fourteen months is too long to have an acting governor not elected by the people. The best interests of New Jersey — and its residents — must take precedence over the narrow interest of the Democratic Party and its leaders," writes the Bergen Record. LINK

"McGreevey's November resignation date is about politics. It is less about a seamless transition and more about assuring there is still a Democrat in the governor's mansion," states the Herald News. LINK

"As shocking as the announcement was, the suggestion that McGreevey will continue to govern for a time as if nothing happened was equally disturbing … Even in the surreal drama of yesterday's events in Trenton, politics were very much at play. In a way, it's too bad this is the way it had to end. Turmoil has marked McGreevey's governorship since he took office, but the most damning thing that was said about him was that he showed abysmal judgment in selecting those officials around him. Never was there a suggestion that he would profit financially," writes the Star Ledger. LINK

McGreevey: what's next:

State Senate President Richard Codey (LINK) could fulfill the role of acting governor for the rest of the McGreevey term, giving him a incumbent advantage if he were to decide to run for the seat in 2005.

Sen. Jon Corzine, the most popular public official in the state, has the best chance to succeed McGreevey in a 2005 election,. Rep. Robert Menendez, Rep. Rush Holt, Rep. Steve Rothman are just a few of the other names that are circulating as contenders. Republicans in New Jersey do not have the equivalent star power that N.J. Democrats have, but former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler (who lost to McGreevey in 2001), State Sen. Diane Allen, and Douglas Forrester are among those being mentioned.

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