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She outlines the President's master stroke: "Privately, some Democrats said the nomination put them in a difficult political position. The C.I.A. has already gone two months without a replacement for George J. Tenet as director. The Democrats said that if they opposed the Goss nomination they expected that the White House would cast them as obstructionists who were delaying prosecution of the war on terror."

Greg Miller of the Los Angeles Times previews what will no doubt be a Democratic line of attack during confirmation hearings. LINK

"In a section of its final report that is critical of Congress, the Sept. 11 commission singled out Goss' committee, saying it held "perhaps two" hearings on the issue from January 1998 up until the attacks."

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

The AP's Dalrymple give us a quick glance at what's in store as far as campaign message goes — it's all economics and taxes the next two weeks. She also tells us a little bit about Oregon, today's battleground-of-choice.LINK

The Boston Globe 's Charlie Savage looks at how the Kerry-Edwards campaign seeks and has been trying to help Sen. Edwards' liability with doctors following a career of being, well, the anti-doctor. "Behind the campaign's effort to recast Edwards lies a fear that doctors' anger over his trial-lawyer image could deprive the Democratic ticket of support from a medical constituency that is very much in play in this election. Polling data from recent elections show that doctors, who traditionally vote Republican, are moving toward Democrats because of concerns over health-care issues, including a patient bill of rights."LINK

The Boston Globe 's Pat Healy wraps Sen. Kerry's "politically charged house call on 200 Nevada senior citizens yesterday." LINK

The New York Times ' Jodi Wilgoren wraps Kerry's bash-the-President-on-prescription-drugs-benefits campaign appearance in Nevada Wednesday. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman looks at Kerry's almost apolitical — or at least increasingly non-partisan — stance on the trail while wooing battleground state voters.LINK

"Seizing on signs of dissatisfaction among senior citizens with the Medicare law signed last year by President Bush, John F. Kerry told a mostly gray-haired crowd in Nevada's second-largest city Wednesday that as president he would remove the law's restrictions on importing cheaper drugs from Canada," writes the Washington Post 's Jonathan Finer.LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney v. Kerry-Edwards:

Maura Reynolds and Mark Z. Barabak team up for their daily campaign wrap and Notice that they keep almost running into each other on the trail. LINK

"Regardless of who is shadowing whom, the overlapping appearances reflect the unusually taut nature of this presidential race and the relatively limited number of states that are truly in play with just 82 days left until the election."

The New York Times ' David Sanger turns in a spot-on must-read outline of Senator Kerry's efforts to explain his Iraq vote with nuance, and President Bush's goading that called him on the carpet to do so. And while Bush sometimes sounds defensive, Sanger Notes, Kerry has taken the bait. LINK

"It is a problem that has dogged Mr. Kerry since he walked through the snows of Iowa and New Hampshire, and suffered the barbs of Vermont's former governor, Howard Dean, who made Mr. Kerry's vote to authorize action an issue. Now Mr. Bush has taken up where Dr. Dean left off."

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