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H. It is not implausible that the possible array of "unexpected events" — capturing Bin Laden, another terrorist attack, etc — will benefit Bush.

I. Voters for the most part take John Kerry's view of the economy, seniors support him in droves, and yet he barely leads — evidence that Kerry hasn't (you guessed it!!) closed the deal.

J. If there's a gay marriage ban on the Ohio ballot … .

K. The Democratic message machine is OBSESSED with getting someone to write about certain subjects, like Halliburton, and spends way too much time trying to plant stories about it.

L. The Note is OBSESSED with field machines and knows that the Kerry campaign and the DNC are more than capable of putting together a stellar one. But the Republicans already have one. It's massive, intense, targeted, and sophisticated. The Republicans have the NRA and Redeem the Vote. LINK

And Coddy Johnson, which is sure to help 'em with young women voters.

Yesterday, we also asked for examples of 2000 Gore voters who will vote for the president this year. (Yes, we knew about Ed Koch, the mayor of St. Paul, and some others, but we wanted to get a flavor from non-celebrity voters.)

Thanks to an assist from National Review Online's Jim Geraghty (he of the excellent Kerry spot column LINK), we received more than a hundred responses.

We don't know for sure that these folks voted for Gore, but we'll take them at their word. Many took the time to write careful, measured essays, and we sincerely appreciate it. We read every single response.

One reason for the decision to choose Bush stood out: the GWOT and Bush's decisiveness. Looks like those polls showing that undecided voters still find Kerry indecisive are on to something.

Among those responding was the journalist Ronald Kessler, whose new book about Bush's character essentially chronicles his journey from Gore voter to Bush voter. LINK

A sampling of responses:

M. Connor, Ohio: "I am a lifelong Democrat from Ohio, who is proudly voting for President Bush. I am ashamed to say I voted for Al Gore in 2000. President Bush is a man of incredible strength and moral clarity. He is rock solid and a genuine family man who I am proud to support. John Kerry scares the heck out of a lot of us in Ohio. He is so unsteady and I don't trust him with the safety of my children."

L. Helton of Miami, Florida: "I was NEVER into politics before like I have become in this election. I have become a news junkie, and a more educated voter ever since 9/11. I never cared for Bush before, but ever since 9/11 his decisions and resolve to stand up and protect our country has really impressed me."

B. Sigalow, Maitland, Florida: "My main reason for doing so is my belief that Mr. Bush and the current administration are more capable of addressing the terrorist threat facing this nation and the Western world."

J. Faust, Des Moines, Iowa: "Have people forgotten 9/11? Have they forgotten we are the hunted, and that the United Nations let us down? Should I become an independent as I vote for the man, not for hatred?"

A.E. Diggins, Nevada: "I'm female, 40, work in academia, and the rest of my background reads like a liberal poster. But this election I'm switching because, for the

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