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Thousands of retirees and coal miners in West Virginia will lose their health benefits and union contracts after a bankruptcy judge ruled that Horizon Natural Resources can void the collective bargaining agreement it had in place. LINK

MoveOn and its concerts aren't coming to West Virginia, but the Rev. Jesse Jackson is. The Huntington Herald-Dispatch reports that the Reinvest in America campaign and the Kanawha Valley Labor Council will co-sponsor a free all-day event Sept. 6 on the Charleston riverfront that features Willie Nelson, Judy Collins, Indigo Girls, and, among others, the inimitable Rev. Jesse Jackson. LINK

Reporter Paul Wilson writes in the Charleston Gazette about the intricacies of West Virginia's economy, Noting that it usually fluctuates less than the national economy and that "many of the losses in West Virginia — particularly in coal and manufacturing — would have happened regardless of the national recession." LINK

Former Ambassador to the U.N. Richard Holbrooke toured Portland, Maine's port cargo facilities yesterday on Senator Kerry's behalf, reports the AP. LINK

The Bangor News reports the unemployment taxes Maine assesses on corporations are going down — "bucking the trend" nationally. As reporter Mal Leary points out, there is good and bad that comes from that. LINK

Perhaps they thought it was too "French": Maine transportation officials are dumping the use of the Metric system in the state and returning to "English" measurement units, reports the Portland Press Herald. The Note is convinced this will have some bearing on the presidential election, but how, we can't say. LINK The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Cy Carpenter writes that Bush has not kept his word with rural Minnesota farmers, and that it could hurt the incumbent come election time. LINK The Des Moines Register 's editorial board thinks it's time we faced the(ir) facts: the tax cuts are not creating jobs. LINK

The lead headline of the Arizona Daily Star will speak to the super environmentally conscious Arizona voters: "Kerry, at Canyon, says he'd increase money for parks." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate: The Washington Post 's Blaine Harden traveled north of the arctic circle and still found Alaskans who think Senator Lisa Murkowski's biggest obstacle to re-election is her father's legacy. LINK Floridians: prepare yourself for millions worth of GOP Senate ads: LINK The Washington Post 's Mary Fitzgerald wraps Barack Obama's day campaigning with Senator Edwards. LINK The first poll's out: uphill battle doesn't begin to describe the magnitude of Älan Keyes' challenge. LINK

The AP's Mike Robinson reports that Keyes "came out swinging" yesterday when he attacked his opponent Barack Obama's views on abortion calling them "the slaveholder's position." He says Obama's record on late term abortion violates the principle that all men are created equal "I would still be picking cotton if the country's moral principles had not been shaped by the Declaration of Independence," Keyes said. He said Obama "has broken and rejected those principles — he has taken the slaveholder's position." LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Liam Ford and John Chase write that both Obama and Keyes are trying to paint their opponent as "outside the mainstream." LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Senator Specter's campaign will not challenge the petition signatures handed in by Constitution Party candidate James Clymer. LINK

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