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The Wall Street Journal 's John Harwood has found the "bounce" voter and his name is Donn Maggart. "Married with three sons, Mr. Maggart worries about economic trouble ahead and the cost of health care. Earlier this year, he moved his 83-year-old mother from Florida to Nebraska, where his sister lives and assisted care is less expensive. When the convention began, he was inclined to think Mr. Kerry might do better on health care and other issues."

The Electras make a comeback?! Today's Boston Herald reports "Kerry played bass for the Electras when he was a student at St. Paul's in Concord in the early 1960s. The band played a few gigs, made a local album and went their separate ways. But with Kerry running for president, interest in that original record has skyrocketed. " LINK

"So band members Jack Radcliffe, Larry Rand, John Prouty, Peter Lang and Andy Gagarin recently got together to discuss rereleasing their album on CD."

Wendy's? or Nikola's? Page Six makes trouble: LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Washington Post 's Alan Cooperman wraps President Bush's direct appeal to Catholic voters at the annual convention of the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday. Bush promised he would promote their values on abortion, vouchers for religious schools, and a ban on same-sex marriage. LINK

Cooperman Notes "During the 2000 election, the nation's 66 million Catholics narrowly favored Vice President Al Gore over Bush, 49 percent to 47 percent. Recent polls indicate that Catholics, overall, are again leaning Democratic. But Bush appears to be making inroads, particularly among the most fervent churchgoers."

The Los Angeles Times ' Peter Wallsten writes that Bush was "warmly embraced" by the group. LINK

The New York Times ' Elisabeth Bumiller Notes that the president "drew standing ovations by vigorously promoting his opposition to gay marriage and late-term abortion, in accord with the official position of the church." LINK

The Chicago Tribune 's Jeff Zeleny on the president's visit to Dallas. LINK

The Bush-Cheney '04 campaign released its second ad in less than a week: a positive spot titled "Together," an ad that shifts the campaign's focus away from hammering Senator John Kerry to a message of "optimism and hope."

The ad, which does not mention Sen. Kerry, is a flashback to the original advertising the BC04 campaign ran in early March, which focused on the president's leadership and optimism for the country.

AP 's Liz Sidoti reports that the latest round of BC04 ads will air in "19 battleground states for at least two weeks and on national cable networks for the month. They also will air on local cable channels in specific media markets in at least two states — New Mexico and Nevada." LINK

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz Notes that the new BC04 ad is "the second straight to take a softer approach to the terrorism issue without criticizing Kerry — and without offering specifics." LINK

Described by St. Paul's Pioneer Press as "a must-win swing district," Bush holds a rally near Mankato, Minn., today. "It's an article of Republican faith that for Bush to win Minnesota, he must carry that rich farm country across the southern part of the state," writes the Pioneer Press. LINK

The Washington Times ' Bill Sammon writes up Matt Dowd's comments Tuesday that BC04 expects little or no bounce out of its convention. LINK

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