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Tonight, they'll love Kennedy — you can be sure. And we bet that Chris Heinz has just touch of a catch of his nervousness in his voice to start out with (understandably).

But the big question of the evening is what kind of tone and style Mrs. Heinz Kerry adopts in her one (planned) big moment in the spotlight in this whole campaign.

Unless, of course, a First Ladies debate gets added to the schedule — to which we wouldn't object.

Sen. Kerry campaigns today in Virginia and Pennsylvania with a 10:00 am ET rally in Norfolk.

At that event, per two early-rising Kerry staffers, John Kerry plans to make a little news by calling for the 9/11 Commission to be "extended by an additional 18 months so that they can advocate for the reforms they recommended and make regular assessments on the implementation."

Says our "secret" source: "Last night we flew Congresswoman Jane Harman to be with Kerry at the event today. They'll be joined by Vice Admiral Lee Gunn and Kerry's swift boat crewmate Skip Parker." (The quote marks are an inside joke.)

Kerry goes on to a 6:00 pm ET rally in Philadelphia.

Kerry's running mate, John Edwards flies to Boston.

President Bush is at the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Texas, with no scheduled events through Wednesday.

Vice President Cheney continues his west coast swing with a noon rally for the troops at Camp Pendleton in California. Cheney then heads to Bakersfield, Calif., to speak as a 4:00 pm ET luncheon reception for congressional candidate Roy Ashburn.

In the evening, Cheney then drops by Riverside for another reception at 10:30 pm ET, this time for senatorial candidate Bill Jones.

The morning shows:

In advance of her speech tonight, Teresa Heinz Kerry was interviewed on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. She showed no remorse for her "shove it" comments and clung hard to the distinction between "un-American activities" and "un-American traits."

On CBS' "Early Show," Heinz Kerry explained that she did not regret her comment, saying, "No, I wanted him to back off because he was trying to trap me with words I didn't say."

On NBC's "Today," Heinz Kerry said, "I really wanted him to back off, back off. I heard him say two words that I didn't say and I saw the potential of misrepresentation and so I defended myself. When Katie Couric told Heinz Kerry that she had said during the speech "creeping un-Pennsylvanian and creeping un-American traits," Heinz Kerry said, "And that's very different from un-American activities."

Asked on CNN why she didn't just walk away, Teresa Heinz Kerry said, "Because this person was trying to trap me, and I'm not going to let them."

On ABC's "Good Morning America," Heinz Kerry was asked if "we are too polite" by Charlie Gibson. Heinz Kerry responded: "It's not a question of politeness, although politeness is a good thing. But it's telling someone who is trying to misrepresent you and trap you intentionally to — go. To take off."

Gibson described Heinz Kerry as "A woman of strong opinions, for sure." Her response: "Just like a man."

Democratic National Convention: Monday:

Ron Brownstein Notes the Democrats of years past put national security front and center in the convention hall Monday night. LINK

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