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"[Bill] Clinton's remarks, even more remarkable given the controversy he faced over his own efforts to avoid serving in Vietnam, demonstrated the extent to which Democrats are relying on Kerry's combat experience to overcome the traditional party disadvantage on national security issues. It also gave the evening a more confrontational tone than Kerry aides promised when they said the convention would focus less on assailing Bush than burnishing the Massachusetts senator's image."

Bill Clinton: "biting address"

Jimmy Carter: "scathing speech"

Al Gore: "a speech laced with humor"

So goes the Los Angeles Times' Mark Z. Barabak's and Michael Finnegan's review of Night One's orations. LINK

Anne Kornblut of the Boston Globe : LINK

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times : LINK

Marinucci and Sandalow in the San Francisco Chronicle: LINK

Ron Fournier: LINK USA Today 's Bill Nichols (whose return to the political stage is just as exciting to us as that of Bill Clinton!) writes that "amid tight security and picture-perfect New England summer weather, Democratic delegates and officials throughout the city mostly succeeded in showing the world a rare moment of harmony." LINK

USA Today 's Susan Page writes that "some speakers weren't saying what they really wanted to say, and many delegates weren't hearing what they really wanted to cheer." LINK

"But almost no one was complaining about it," writes Page.

Why should we even bother trying to paraphrase this sentence by Todd Purdum of the New York Times , since you need the quote. " … Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton remain the undisputed prom king and queen, and Monday night they once again held court, their party in the palms of their hands." LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Marc Sandalow calls Bill Clinton "the party's Barry Bonds," and says Kerry needs a heaping helping of Clinton's Elvis to win the presidency. He also takes a peek at some of the up-and-comers. LINK

"Democrats went wild for Bill Clinton last night, hooting, hollering and dancing in the aisles as he revved them up to send John Kerry to Washington — and set a tough standard for Kerry to match," leads Deborah Orin of the New York Post . LINK

Al Gore received a "thunderous" response from the convention goers last night, reports the New York Times Kit Seelye. LINK

We hope this kicker to a New York Post story on the goings on with the Empire State delegation makes you chuckle as much as it did us. LINK

"So it didn't take long for a Schumer aide to ask WNBC-TV reporter Jay DeDapper if he wanted to interview the senator."

"'He's been on already,' responded DeDapper. 'It can't be Chuck Schumer every day, all the time.'"

The New York Post 's Vince Morris gets through his entire story about Senator Clinton's convention appearance without one mention of 2008. LINK

Democratic National Convention: tonight:

THK speaks her mind: LINK

THK speaks her mind: LINK

THK speaks her mind: LINK

THK speaks her mind: LINK

The Washington Post 's Howard Kurtz and Brian Faler highlight Iowa's first Lady Christie Vilsack's less than PC comments. LINK

The Washington Post 's John Harris examines the comparisons between Kerry and Kennedy. LINK

More love: LINK

Novakian love: LINK

Carl Hulsian love: LINK

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