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The Washington Post 's Mark Leibovich profiles Barack Obama, the keynote at the Democratic Convention and a "potentially historic candidate who would be the only African American in the U.S. Senate and just the third since Reconstruction." LINK

Here's Ryan Lizza's excellent profile of Obama in the newest issue of The Atlantic. LINK

More Obamiana: LINK and LINK and LINK and LINK

Daschle's speech will be sprinkled — or rather "jimmied" — with lots of refs to his own race back home. LINK

Democratic National Convention: Kerry-Edwards 2004: Not terribly unlike President Bush, " … Kerry and the platform are vague or silent on some of the far-reaching issues that will confront the next president: how to address the burgeoning budget deficit and the financial instability of Social Security and Medicare," writes Janet Hook (as only she can) of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Yesterday, we said that David Rogers' account of Kerry and his ribbons and medals seemed somewhat new. We were directed to this passage from 1984 — same paper, same writer. (We leave it to you to compare to two side by side and decide for yourself.)

"'I feel every bit of the rage,' he says, yet often seems more detached. In the 1971 march on Washington, no moment was more dramatic than when veterans threw away their combat medals, yet Mr. Kerry still has his in a glass case at home. He acknowledges he threw the medals of another soldier who was absent. 'I didn't feel that that was going to contribute somehow to the dialogue,' he says of the ceremony. 'I was wrong. I think it had enormous impact. It turned out to be the single most poignant and moving memory for a lot of people." Where critics see calculation, friends see commitment, In a war many avoided, Mr. Kerry did fight. Mixed with his burning ambition is a sense of service from another time. He found it harder to throw away his Silver Star because it reminded him of a prep school and college classmate-the grandson of Gen. John Pershing of World War I-who was awarded the same medal after being killed in Vietnam."

Knight Ridder's James Kuhnhenn runs through some of Kerry's sports superstitions and how they could play into November's results. LINK

Democratic National Convention: Teresa Heinz Kerry:

Jake Tapper has this on LINK

"In the Jan. 13, 1976, interview with the Boston Herald American (now the Boston Herald), [Teresa] Heinz Kerry said she didn't trust President Richard Nixon but added, 'Ted Kennedy I don't trust either.'"

"She went on to say that she knew 'some couples who stay together only for politics. If Ted Kennedy holds on to that marriage just for the Catholic vote, as some people say he does, then I think he's a perfect bastard.'"

"Kennedy's 22-year marriage to Joan Kennedy ended in 1981. He married Victoria Reggie in 1992."

"Both Kennedy and Heinz Kerry are scheduled to speak Tuesday evening at the Democratic National Convention. The Kerry campaign insisted there is no animosity between Kennedy and Heinz Kerry."

In a statement last night, Kennedy's spokesman said: "Over the years, Senator and Mrs. Kennedy and John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry have developed a deep friendship and a strong mutual respect. A 30-year-old quote dug up by the Republican attack machine made long before they became friends — is irrelevant."

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