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The Democratic convention continues 33 days until the Republican convention 97 days until election day


"What did you think?"

If we had an extra Googling monkey for every time we were asked that last night and this morning, The Note could be published by 7:30 am each day.

Without seeming ungrateful for your interest in our views, what WE think doesn't matter.

What does matter is what persuadable voters in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, and other battleground states think about Boston — and so far, we have seen no data on that.

We bet some corporate interests and unions are gathering such research, but at this writing, no one has come by our Fleet digs to drop it off.

With all due respect to Graham, Kucinich (!), Sharpton, Rendell, Richardson, O'Malley, and Granholm, what matters today is John Edwards' acceptance speech — everything else is just undercard.

Although we decry the game of expectations setting, it is a mortal lock that Edwards won't fail tonight.

Loved by the delegates; articulate; a high wattage smile; adorable family; so ready for this fight; cuter every time we see him; and with a great personal story to tell — really the only question is will Johnny Reid Edwards be outstanding or revelatory.

DNC secretary Alice Germond will begin the roll call of the states and territories shortly after 11:00 pm ET. That's after Sen. John Edwards speaks.

The states and territories will be called in alphabetical order.

It is traditional for the nominee's home state delegation to put him over the top, officially delivering the nomination. (In this case that takes 2,162 votes.)

If you missed ABC News Now yesterday, you missed a lot, including gavel-to-gavel coverage of the convention, hot music, Peter Jennings, and ABC News coverage of politics and news 24/7.

Lots of AOL viewers are watching (see: LINK) — so why aren't you? LINK

Can't figure out this new-fangled technology? Let Robert Krulwich explain. LINK

And if you want the best, up-to-the-minute convention news, tidbits, and insight, log on to Noted Now: LINK Senator John Kerry attends a noon rally at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Charlestown, Mass. To top off the evening, Sens. Kerry and Edwards, along with their wives, attend the 11:30 pm "Pops on the Bay" concert.

President Bush is at the family ranch in Crawford, Texas, with no scheduled public events. Michael Moore screens Fahrenheit 9/11 at a football stadium nearby. Vice President Cheney visits Salt Lake City to attend a 2:30 pm luncheon for congressional candidate John Swallow.

The morning shows: Elizabeth and Cate Edwards appeared on the three network morning shows. They made no real news, but Elizabeth Edwards responded in a few ways to Teresa Heinz Kerry's telling a writer from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to "shove it."

"Sometimes the press can be pretty annoying, and sometimes they can get under your skin," she said on Good Morning America, thereby (re)joining the national left-right coaliton that taps into public disdain for we the media.

Asked on CBS' Early Show whether Heinz Kerry was being unfairly scrutinized, Elizabeth Edwards said, "It must have been kind of a slow news day for that to have gotten the kind of attention it did. It's the normal frustration that somebody feels when somebody won't let up on their preconceived notion."

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