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Brian DeBose and Christina Bellatoni of the Washington Times Note how Maryland Democrats will use the Democratic Convention as a way to position themselves for the 2006 gubernatorial run, as well as the Thursday speaking slot for Virginia Gov. Mark Warner. LINK

Robert Samuelson in the Washington Post urges Democrats to use New England's economic self-reinvention as a parable in this convention, and not run aground trying to deflect all the "Massachusetts is a liberal state" stuff. LINK

The picture of the lobster rolls isn't terribly appetizing, but Johnny Apple's prose is. LINK

FOOD! The Boston Globe's Samburg looks at what's being served at the delegate par-tays LINK

Of course part of what next week's convention represents is the beginning of the wooing of party leaders by city officials hoping to host a 2008 convention. Anaheim, California (yes that of GOP friendly Orange County) is taking its sales pitch to Boston and New York this summer. LINK

Rudy Giuliani: another Re-butter-in-chief! Hizzoner gets the primetime slot for the opposition operation in Boston on Thursday night, reports Deborah Orin of the New York Post . LINK

The BC04/RNC team plans to unveil its latest creation in honor of the Democratic National Convention in a conference call with Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman and RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie today at 10:00 am ET: the Democrats' extreme makeover: LINK. ABC News' Karen Travers reports that the site will be your one-stop shop (though there's little likelihood of it all being in just one place) during the Democratic convention for the daily message from the BC04/RNC shop(s), and links to their Real John Kerry and the Real John Edwards.

Today's message from RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke:

"It will take an extreme makeover of John Kerry and the Democrat Party's rhetoric to make both presentable to Americans. For four days the Boston Convention will serve as the Democrat's great salon. Those who have been watching the Democrats over the last year may not recognize what emerges each day, but don't worry. We will be there to help, ready with the real record."

Republican National Convention:

"Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said yesterday that the city would appeal a federal court ruling restricting searches and other police tactics during protests at the Republican National Convention next month," reports Diane Cardwell of the New York Times . LINK

A look at the more conservative speaking lineup just announced by the GOP, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times: LINK

And be sure to Note Christine Iverson's attempt at brushing off the suggestion that the new lineup had anything to do with conservative critics of the more moderate speaking lineup announced previously.

Stefan Friedman of the New York Post adds up the latest Quinnipiac poll numbers which show 75 percent of New Yorkers in favor of giving Central Park the protesters — temporarily, of course. LINK

Maggie Haberman of the New York Daily News covers the same ground (pun intended). LINK

Ms. Haberman also writes up a Miss America's just-announced GOP convention role. LINK

The politics of national security:

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