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"The finger-pointing by Republican senators is natural. How could they lose the class-action bill when they had a clear majority? How could they fail to win a majority on the gay marriage amendment? How could they fail to pass a budget? Why did they succumb to Teddy Kennedy on the tobacco buyout? The answers revolve around the caliber of leadership."

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

Republican candidates for Democrat Zell Miller's seat in the U.S. Senate squared off in live debates Sunday night. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports things got pretty ugly, "Sid Cottingham, a little-known lawyer from Douglas, accused fellow candidate Oxford of threatening to hire a hit man to kill an ex-wife over an argument about UPS stock ownership." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the gubernatorial races:

The Raleigh News & Observer's Amy Gardner profiles the six people looking to be the Republican nominee in North Carolina. LINK


We just wanted to make sure this blind item from Page Six was duly Noted for you all: LINK

"WHICH Washington correspondent of a major newspaper could be facing a lawsuit from his long-suffering assistant? We're told that his tyrannical tendencies sent the aide into a deep depression, and now she's demanding a fat settlement. If she doesn't get one, she's threatening to tell all"

Cindy Adams' entire column is dedicated to Al D'Amato's Sunday wedding. LINK

Rush & Molloy report Ken Lay has retained Washington attorney Jim Sharp, who boasts of President Bush as an occasional client. LINK

Lloyd Grove has details on Howard Dean's wallet being stolen, but sadly doesn't get digits from Stephanie Cutter. LINK

The Schwarzenegger era:

Jordan Rau (who recently traded in one budget stalemate plagued state capital to cover another) of the Los Angeles Times Notes Gov. Schwarzenegger's shift from Saturday's "girlie men" to Sunday's "acting like children" attack on California legislators. LINK

The New York Times picks up Gov. Schwarzenegger's frisky comments — he called Democratic legislators "girlie men." LINK

"Rob Stutzman, Mr. Schwarzenegger's spokesman, said the phrase was not intended to question the virility or sexual orientation of Democratic legislative leaders, who include some women. The governor was expressing his frustration with his opponents' refusal to pass his version of the budget, Mr. Stutzman said."

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

A book. A documentary. What's next for Mr. Clinton? Here, get a sneak-peak preview of the Clinton Library, only four months from completion. LINK

And there's quite a guest list for the November opening, including President Bush and former Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and their first ladies. LINK

From the New York Times' corrections section: "An article on Wednesday about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's absence from the roster of speakers for the Democratic National Convention misspelled the given name of her spokesman in some copies. He is Philippe Reines, not Phillipe." LINK


Matthew Wald of the New York Times ledes "With the apparent assistance of the state Republican Party, Ralph Nader appears likely to secure a spot on the Michigan presidential ballot." Michigan Democrats have called on Nader to renounce GOP support and tell states election officials he does not want to be placed on the ballot as an independent. Nader Spokesman Kevin Zeese says the GOP's efforts were not coordinated with the Nader campaign. LINK

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