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With what Patrick Healy of the Boston Globe referred to as "his strongest pitch yet to a key voting bloc," Sen. Kerry is not signaling fear of motivating the base. "The presumptive Democratic nominee, who has drawn lukewarm support in some quarters of the black community, chose to make the push now, a relatively early stage for niche advertising in a presidential race, to signal that blacks' support is important to him, advisers said."LINK

Healy has this: "One adviser said Kerry is so confident at this stage of the campaign that he plans to spend four days in Nantucket starting Saturday, away from the trail and working on his acceptance speech for the convention."

The UPN station in the Raleigh, N.C. area will benefit from the new KE04 African-American ad buy.


The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg was on the road with Sen. Edwards yesterday, and writes that his approach is still a work in progress. "Mr. Edwards is still very much feeling his way in his solo debut. As he melds his own vision with that of Mr. Kerry, the North Carolina senator must translate his hugely successful primary campaign speech about 'two Americas' — one for the rich and another for the poor — into a broader message that will highlight Mr. Kerry rather than himself." LINK

Our reporTER (The Edwards Reporter) Gloria Riviera (yep, she's BAACK!) phoned in this paragraph from last night, which we present to you unedited and left in its classic Blackberry style:

At the Kerry-Edwards "Victory Party" in Chicago last night, which Edwards and Elizabeth headlined, National Finance Chair Lou Susman announced a take of $750,000 dollars. All goes to KE04. Up and comer Barack Obama spoke, Lou intro'd EE (who btw has come a long way, baby, on her own oratory skills from a stumbling notes-in-hand intro back in IA in January to a smooth, crowd endearing intro last night) and EE intro'd "my guy, now your guy, John Edwards." Event was put together, they say, in five days. Obama's thoughts? "What a party!" He needs to get out more but anyway … Color: Edwards got a run by the river in just before the event last night, having had to skip his beloved workouts entirely last week.

James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times recaps Sen. Edwards The Optimist's first solo day. "Most of Edwards' remarks centered on themes as broad and bright as the blue sky over the golden Capitol dome in Des Moines." Kinda reminds you have that REM song "Shiny, Happy People Holding Hands," doesn't it?LINK

The Des Moines Register's Erin Crawford looks at Elizabeth Edwards as a mother and campaigner. LINK

Still unable to write about the presidential campaign without mentioning the Iowa caucus, the Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont writes that Edwards thanked Iowans during his solo-stop there on Wednesday. LINK

USA Today's editorial board takes John Kerry on over his education policies calling for a stronger commitment to accountability. LINK

(We suspect Bridget Dean will soon be getting a call (if she hasn't already) from the Bush campaign about setting up an event with the president.)

"I've always said reform without resources is a waste of time, but resources without reform are a waste of money. When I'm president, we'll have both … ," writes John Kerry in his responding op-ed. LINK

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