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George Hunter of the Detroit News reports President Bush will speak next week to the National Urban League annual conference in Detroit. "I think the people who attend the Urban League conference in a lot of cases are more from corporate America than at the NAACP," Detroit Urban League President N. Charles Anderson says. "Both the chairman and the president of the NAACP are consistently on record as criticizing the president. There's no question where they stand, whereas the Urban League leadership doesn't't have a tendency to attack the president." The day the president will speak is TBD. Sen. Kerry had already RSVPed. LINK

Education Secretary Rod Paige sternly criticizes NAACP leadership in a Wall Street Journal op-ed for taking "a proud, effective organization in a totally new direction: naked partisan politics, pure and simple."

His claim that "(t)hrough his education policies alone, President Bush has done more for the African-American community than any previous president," is going to raise an eyebrow or two in Harlem and Austin.

The conventions:

All you Democratic convention goers, get ready to hold it! Public restrooms will be closing at 5:00 pm ET, as usual. No extensions. No if, ands, or butts. LINK

Roll Call reports Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle will slip out of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, thus missing Sen. John Kerry's acceptance speech — in the hopes he will be giving his own again in South Dakota. LINK

Local boy does good — Barack Obama, keynoter: LINK

Jill Lawrence gives equal play to the announcement of Sen. Obama as keynoter as she does to Sen. Clinton's less prominent convention role. LINK

And we wonder if the spinning Kerry press staff Noticed Barack Obama say that he too didn't ask to speak at the convention, but received a phone call from Mary Beth Cahill offering him the slot.

The New York Times' Raymond Hernandez reports that while Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton breezily maintains that she's fine with the decision of Democratic Party leaders not to give her a speaking role at the conventions, her supporters are voicing their protests — and some predict she'll end up with a role anyway. LINK

The New York Post's Fred Dicker writes up Judith Hope's (and others) outrage over the absence of Sen. Clinton from the convention speaking program. Check out the Mario Cuomo quote predicting the Senator will speak should she want to do so. LINK

Despite Gov. Bill Richards assurances that "the odds are good" that Sen. Clinton would speak, the plan now is for her to only participate with a group of women Senators, writes The Hill's Patrick O'Connor. LINK

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen Notes "once again, Ron Reagan will be speaking solely because of his name and because, by implication, he is articulating his dead father's convictions." LINK

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has made his final offer on a marching route for the largest expected protest of the week. LINK

The Boston Globe's Joanna Weiss humorously compares the two cities hosting conventions this summer. Here's a taste: "One of Boston's print ads reads: 'There are more than 140 languages spoken in Boston. So, theoretically, there are 140 ways to say 'wicked awesome.''"LINK

"New York's version is more concise: '171 Languages Spoken Here. And we can tell you where to go in all of them.'"

The Boston Globe introduces us to some of the delegates from New Hampshire.LINK

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