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President Bush meets with the king of Morocco in the Oval Office at 11:25 am ET and addresses the LULAC convention via satellite at 2:10 pm ET.

This morning, CIA Director George Tenet gives his farewell address to intelligence employees.

Vice President Cheney gives pool reporters a tour of the updated Homeland Security operations center at 2:00 pm ET (They will take no questions, we're told.).

And the Senate continues debating the class action lawsuits bill.

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

The Washington Post's Jim VandeHei hit the road with the Kerry-Edwards team Wednesday, and Notes the focus on economics and closing the gap in Edwards' "Two Americas," despite the prominence of Iraq and the war on terror in the campaign. Edwards will be the voice of the ticket's economic message, and Kerry will talk about national security issues, VandeHei reports. LINK

"In picking Senator John Edwards as his running mate, Senator John Kerry signaled that he would renew emphasis on economic anxieties and try to refute President Bush's assertion that good times have returned," writes the New York Times' Edmund Andrews. LINK

The New York Times' Jodi Wilgoren wraps Sens. Kerry's and Edwards' jaunt through Ohio Wednesday, borrowing "phrases from each other's stump speeches to heap praise on each other as they promised to help hard-pressed Americans and promote the values of "faith, family, opportunity and responsibility.''" LINK

Note to Jodi: what's so great about being blond?

Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe is two for two in his "cute moment of the day" two days in a row. His recap of yesterday's Kerry-Edwards barnstorming contains this Edwards kids' moment:

"Later, aboard Kerry's campaign plane, an aide laughed while recalling that Jack had said moments earlier, "'You know what I'm thinking about? Oreos.'" LINK

In their recap of yesterday's Kerry-Edwards roll-out, the Los Angeles Times' Gold and Barabak observe, "Any residual tensions from the two men's competition during the Democratic primaries seemed to have evaporated. From the moment they stepped before a bank of more than 50 cameras Wednesday morning, emerging from the elegant Pittsburgh-area estate of Kerry's wife, Teresa, Kerry and Edwards looked like a couple on a blind date that had gone unexpectedly well." LINK

Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times asks and answers this question: "Does John F. Kerry plus John Edwards equal Al Gore?" LINK

The AP's Liz Sidoti observed that Sen. Edwards may have achieved exactly what Democrats wanted: he seemed to have lightened up the uptight John Kerry yesterday. LINK

Howard Kurtz highlights Kerry's $18 million ad blitz meant "to capitalize on the choice of Sen. John Edwards as his running mate." LINK

Kerry launched television ads in Republican-leaning North Carolina yesterday. The AP writes, "Edwards may help put his traditionally GOP state -- and its 15 electoral votes -- in play, along with other Southern venues." And saturating the airwaves in his home state won't hurt. LINK

In writing up the re-emergence of Sen. Edwards on the campaign trail, Raja Mishra of the Boston Globe Notes, "In the run-up to Kerry's vice presidential selection, many people speculated he would pass over Edwards for fear of looking dull in comparison. Indeed, Edwards garnered more applause than Kerry in Cleveland yesterday during his 11-minute address."LINK

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