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Happy 58th birthday, President Bush!

Suddenly, we're pretty sure that tomorrow's planned Democratic counter-demonstration to your appearance in Raleigh will be both well attended and well covered.

And today is a good day for Shrum, Devine, and Donilon.

And for Fred Baron. LINK and LINK

Also a good day for North Carolina GOPers eager to help with a much-expanded RNC/BC04 field operation in the state!

Sen. Kerry likely did himself a favor by conducting the VP search -- and dragging out the guessing game -- as long as he has.

The apparently deliberative process allows him to say that he has spent time with John Edwards and learned about the experience and qualities that qualify him to be vice president -- and president.

He can also say that by taking his time and assessing Edwards, he wasn't stampeded by popular opinion.

From THE e-mail: "I want you to know why I'm excited about running for president with John Edwards by my side. John understands and defends the values of America. He has shown courage and conviction as a champion for middle class Americans and those struggling to reach the middle class. In the Senate, he worked to reform our intelligence, to combat bioterrorism, and keep our military strong. John reaches across party lines and speaks to the heart of America -- hope and optimism. Throughout his own campaign for President, John spoke about the great divide in this country -- the "Two Americas" -- that exist between those who are doing well today and those that are struggling to make it from day to day. And I am so proud that we're going to build one America together."

The Bush-Cheney '04 rapid response team swung into action, perhaps too quickly, calling Edwards Kerry's second choice, saying that Kerry turned to a "poll tested" running mate as a way to close the "charm gap" with voters, and that the ticket represents the most-liberal and fourth most-liberal members of the U.S. Senate. They also are pointing out Kerry's criticisms of Edwards' experience during the nomination process.

BC04 also says that Kerry and Edwards are anti-growth (voted against tax cuts, oppose free trade agreements), oppose the priorities of America's families (succumb to trial lawyer pressure on medical liability reform, oppose partial birth abortion laws) and do not support the troops (voted against body armor and increased health care for troops).

Alas, BC04 sent the recall message 10 minutes after it went out -- and after it had been reported.

Spokeswoman Nicolle Devenish explained the e-mail traffic to ABC News:

"While we welcome our friends in the media to talk off our talking points, they are typically created to help our surrogates, friends and allies communicate on behalf of the campaign. They were distributed to hundreds of grassroots supporters this morning. They are a public document, and I believe they are posted on our website. They were recalled because at the time, we intended to send you the ad script."

"The email is now posted on the web site: LINK"

Look at what else Tim Griffin has been working on: LINK

That McCain ad we told you about on "This Week." The size and scope and duration of the buy are TBD at this point.

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