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ABC's Kate Snow reports in the summer of 2000, Vice President Cheney was the surprise pick to join the Republican ticket. With a history of heart attacks, some wondered if he was healthy enough to be Vice President, so his personal physician, Dr. Gary Malakoff wrote a letter assuring voters Cheney was "up to the task of the most sensitive public office." But new revelations show Dr. Malakoff was abusing drugs. His case is not unusual, but uncovering the abuse can be tough, since most states don't require colleagues to report on suspicious behavior. Dr. Malakoff did seek treatment but its still unclear when the Vice President learned his doctor had a problem. Cheney's office emphasized Malakoff was just one member of a team of doctors.


(Charlie Gibson substitutes)

1. John Kerry is about to make known his choice of a running mate. (Dan Harris, Pittsburgh, Pa.)

2. Confusion but optimism about the fate of an American Marine being held hostage in Iraq. (John Berman, Baghdad)

3. A tape backs up the Bush administration's claim that foreign fighters are participating in attacks on U-S forces in Iraq. (Jonathan Karl, State Department)

4. A former doctor to VP Cheney has been battling an addiction to prescription drugs for some time. (Kate Snow, White House)

5. Closer Look: Pennsylvania will have more slot machines than any state with the exception of Nevada. (Jake Tapper, Washington)

6. Wildfires in Arizona.

7. Cases where hospitals are overcharging uninsured patients and then harassing them for payment. (Dean Reynolds, Chicago)

8. Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski will stay at Duke University and the Greek soccer team won the European Championship.

9. A program to keep both people and bears safe. (Bill Redeker, Denver)


(John Roberts substitutes)

1. Veepstakes (Byron Pitts, Pittsburgh, Pa.)

2. Cheney (Bob Orr, White House)

3. Cheney's personal physician has been under treatment for abusing prescription drugs.

4. American forces hit a safe house in Fallujah. (Kimberly Dozier, Baghdad)

5. Hassoun. (Lee Cowan, West Jordan, Utah)

6. Band of Brothers shipping out to Iraq.

7. Fallen heroes.

8. Cholesterol (Elizabeth Kaledin, NY)

9. Wildfires in the West.

10. British lawmakers rejected an outright ban on spanking.

11. What does it mean to you? Taxes. (Mika Brzezinski, NY)

12. Elvis recording. (Mark Strassman, Memphis, Tenn.)


(Brian Williams substitutes)

1. Veepstakes. (Karl Quintanilla, Fox Chapel, Pa.)

2. Veepstakes. (Two-way with Wall Street Journal's John Harwood)

3. Ad wars.

4. Looters in Iraq launched an attack on a pipeline in Karbala.

5. U.S. forces took aim at one of Zarqawi's safe houses. (Tom Aspell, Baghdad)

6. Inside Sadr City. (Kevin Sites, Baghdad)

7. In Depth: Smoke in National Parks (Martin Savage, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn.)

8. The fate of Hassoun.

9. Wildfires in Arizona.

10. Massachusetts is the latest state to order a statewide ban on cigarettes.

11. Pennsylvania could have more legal slot machines than any state except Nevada.

12. Listening to the voices of America. (Roger O'Neil, Pigeon Porch, Tenn.)

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