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Patrick Healy of the Boston Globe reminds us that "The Massachusetts senator has climbed back a long way from December, when he loaned himself $6.4 million by taking out a mortgage on his Louisburg Square townhouse when his fund-raising was badly lagging. Kerry." That loan is still outstanding. LINK

Note to Patrick: where did you get your Bush 2000 fundraising total figure from? And nice shot at Birnbaum!!!!

"A Catholic lawyer has filed heresy charges against Senator John Kerry with the Archdiocese of Boston, accusing the Democratic presidential candidate of bringing "most serious scandal to the American public" by receiving Holy Communion as a pro-choice Catholic," the Washington Times reports. "The 18-page document was sent to the archdiocese June 14, but released to the public only yesterday by Marc Balestrieri, a Los Angeles-based canon lawyer and an assistant judge with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles' tribunal, an ecclesiastical court." LINK Writing on Slate, Steven Waldman thinks Kerry is taking a "dubious approach to religion," and says that "if Kerry's uncomfortable with religion then he's uncomfortable with Americans." LINK

Nedra Pickler reports Kerry says he is against-state laws that give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants — a stance that won't help him with some of the Hispanic activists he is courting for votes. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Maria La Ganga reports, "In comments to the Spanish-language network Telemundo late Tuesday, [Kerry] said he thought granting licenses to those in the country illegally violated the spirit of the law." LINK

What a difference four years makes. Four years ago, the League of Conservation Voters endorsed Al Gore but didn't have a grassroots field program. Wasn't necessary, they thought. This year, they've already knocked on 100,000 doors in Florida, New Mexico, Oregon and Wisconsin.

The Boston Globe 's Bryan Bender breaks down a fact sheet released by the Kerry campaign yesterday attacking the Bush Administration on its handling of the war. "The move demonstrated the Kerry campaign's increasing willingness to engage Bush on what had been the president's perceived strength, his handling of national security." LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's editorial page says NAY to wanting a peek at the Kerry/Thorne divorce records buy AYE to THK's tax returns. And their notion of her releasing past returns now is one that makes sense to many clear-thinking watchdogs.

The New York Times ' Jodi Wilgoren analyzes the campaign's new ad called "Pilot", which began running in New Mexico on Wednesday. LINK The Democrat-controlled Massachusetts House green lighted a bill stripping Republican Gov. Mitt Romney of the power to appoint John Kerry's Senate seat successor if Kerry is elected president. Steve LeBlanc of the AP reports the bill would require a special election within 160 days of vacancy and the would serve the rest of Kerry's term, ending in 2008. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

Due in part to reductions in the federal budget, New Hampshire officials are being forced to examine their Social Security offerings, the state's single largest social service program. LINK

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