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On July 9, NPR will host a 90-minute debate between Ralph Nader and Howard Dean at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, which will air on the show "Justice Talking." Chances are there won't be a lot of love in the room. LINK

The AP reports Nader says it will be a discussion of how to re-invigorate our democracy. LINK In a must-read roundup of all things Nader for the past week, the New York Times ' Janofsy and Kershaw chronicle the campaign happenings of Ralph Nader, the candidate who never "met a third party he did not like." Ballot access heavyweight Richard Winger and former Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan come to Nader's rescue explaining it isn't uncommon and or "unexpected" for Nader to seek support from more than one party. Nader tells The Times "'there's no quid pro quo' with the Reform Party or any other that would require him to alter his views." LINK

Also Note, Citizens for a Sound Economy-Wisconsin plans to urge Republicans to sign Naders petitions as they did in Oregon. Nader says the Dems are up to "dirty tricks" to keep him off ballots and by infiltrating his nominating convention with Democrats who poses as petition signers last weekend, in Oregon .

The Nader campaign is still working on verifying petitions gathered that night, before submitting them to the country elections office, which is the next step.

ABC News confirms Moses Ross of the Multnomah County Democratic Party sent an e-mail to Dems in the Portland area asking them to attend Nader's rally. Ross say "the gloves came off" when he learned conservative groups were making calls for Nader.

DNC message man Jano Cabrera (he of the fancy new title!!), tells The Times "We are aware that different state parties are challenging the validity of signatures Ralph Nader has gathered. While we support these efforts, we have not been asked to provide any resources or asked to participate by any state parties."

Yesterday, as expected, the political watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission Citizens for a Sound Economy and the Oregon Family Council, also naming the Nader and Bush campaigns in the complaint.

The Boston Globe reports billionaire and Bushie Richard J. Egan and his relatives are bankrolling Ralph Nader. Anne E. Kornblut reports this action reflects "a more sophisticated strategy by Republicans to draw support away from Democratic challenger John F. Kerry by bolstering his third-party rival."

"Egan, cofounder of EMC Corp. in Hopkinton, has given Nader the maximum $2,000 allowed under the law, according to federal elections documents that also show a $4,000 contribution to Nader from Egan's son and daughter-in-law, John R. and Pamela C. Egan. An independent campaign finance watchdog group lists the Egan-Managed Capital company — another family business in Massachusetts — as among the biggest contributors to the Nader campaign." LINK

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