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"But at least three GOP leaders are fuming over the disclosures, saying they do not square with what Ryan told them to expect. State Republican chairman Judy Baar Topinka believes Ryan lied to her by suggesting the papers contained nothing embarrassing, a source close to Topinka said."

"Former Gov. Jim Edgar was stunned to hear about Jeri Ryan's allegations after Jack Ryan called Edgar over the weekend to describe the files, but made no mention of the sex clubs. Based on that characterization, Edgar told reporters earlier in the day the files would not likely sink Ryan's campaign."

The Chicago Tribune reports that Ray LaHood called on Ryan to withdraw from the race immediately. LINK

Gov. Rowland's resignation:

The Hartford Courant's Edmund Mahony writes, "While Gov. John G. Rowland's announced resignation on Monday effectively removed the threat of impending impeachment, a far more serious problem -- the continuing federal corruption investigation -- still hangs over his head." LINK

The Courant's Jon Lender and Dave Altimari describe the hours leading up to the announcement of his Rowland's decision. LINK

The Courant's Elizabeth Hamilton writes about what the potential impact of Gov. Rowland's resignation could be on the minds of Connecticut voters when they vote this fall. LINK

Gov. Rowland's political obit as written by the New York Times. LINK and LINK

The Washington Post's Michael Powell calls Rowland's downfall "breathtaking in its speed." LINK

The New York Times on the Governor-to-be: LINK

The Washington Times' Amy Fagan Notes that officials from both parties said that the resignation makes things politically easier for them in the state. Lt. Gov. Jodi Rell will serve out the rest of his term, which ends in 2006. LINK

ABC News' Brooke Brower Notes that Rell, first elected to her office in 1994, is currently in her third term and is the state's first Republican female lieutenant governor. She will be the state's first Republican female governor, and the second female governor in state history. Democrat Ella Grasso served as Connecticut's governor from 1975 to 1980. Grasso was the first female governor in the nation elected to office in her own right.

To put a little more perspective on it, Rell would be the ninth female governor currently in office. Republican female governors are currently serving in Montana, Hawaii, and Utah. Democratic female governors are currently serving in Delaware, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, and Louisiana.

Brower also Notes that Connecticut would become just the fifth state in the nation to have had two female governors in its history. The others are Texas, New Hampshire, Kansas, and Arizona, which currently has its third female governor.

ABC News Vote 2004: the gubernatorial races:

The Salt Lake Tribune previews today's GOP runoff between Nolan Karras and Jon Huntsman to see who will face Scott Matheson Jr. this fall. The polls are open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm ET. LINK

The House of Labor:

We know you'll be reading about Andy Stern's efforts to reshape the labor movement, so we've provided a bit of his address yesterday to SEIU faithful in San Francisco.

"John Sweeney, a good man who devoted his life to our union tried to breathe new life into the AFL-CIO. But John Sweeney has proven that the problem is not who captains the ship but that the ship was not built to navigate the storms of the modern world."

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