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State primaries will also be held in Utah and South Carolina, prominently featuring the Republican gubernatorial battle between Jim Huntsman Jr. and Nolan Karras in Utah and the Republican Senate runoff between former South Carolina Gov. David Beasley and Rep. Jim DeMint. The Palmetto State polls are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm ET. Beehive State voters can vote from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm ET.

"My Life":

Last night's Clinton book party at the Met was exactly what one might expect -- lots of people breaking off conversations (about Kerry, Michiko, Dan) to crane their necks in the direction of the 42nd President who, as always, moved seemingly with a spectral spotlight overhead.

Amidst the classic Clinton-NYC-usual-suspect-crowd milled Administration bigs Roger Altman, Dan Glickman, Bob Rubin, and Bruce Reed; HBO honcho Craig Minassian; Lauren Bacall; Bob Barnett (duh); Mark Green; Toni Morrison; Ken Burns; Viewer and Clinton fan Star Jones with groom Al Reynolds; Note neighbors Robert and Ina Caro; genial first-tier FOB Tommy Caplan; a sizable number of Times people including the almighty trio Gail Collins, Arthur Sulzberger and Bill Keller (with Emma Gilbey) -- no doubt the invites went out before the Sunday review hit the web and the streets; and WCBS' deft and dashing Andrew Kirtzman, who was juggling a downtown budget deal with the uptown soiree, all the while chatting with his weekend neighbor Andrew Tobias and legendary pop master Robert Rauschenberg.

The dress was balmy-summer-night-by-way-of -D.C. -- a little frumpier than usual overall, despite a splash of Prada tie-dye here, a dash of Dries Van Noten there-with only the film stars, television personalities, and fashion execs (including ultimately fashionable Anna Wintour) looking truly glamorous.

Over to the side, near the Greek wing, was the intriguing huddle of book tour guide Jim Kennedy, supremely lean Howard Wolfson (Someone send the lad a dozen vanilla cupcakes from Magnolia!), and cheery Karen Dunn (on loan from Yale), briefly interrupted by a nattily dressed Ian Klaus, who roamed the museum like a diligent host, clearly already a member of the Clinton clan.

Then on to the program -- Sonny Mehta made some opening remarks, followed by a glowing Senator Clinton (in pale pink jacket), who joked about the travails of producing the various Clinton tomes and introduced her husband (a revolving embrace, no overt groping).

Sleek South Beach devotee Bill Clinton (in pale blue tie) took center podium, waxing literary about life, history, legacy, great teachers, and those who helped get the manuscript on the page. Indeed, both Clintons appeared quite cozy and chipper in the Great Hall, which was filled, for the most part, with their people.

Kit Seelye (doing her best E! Entertainment Television red carpet report) of the New York Times provides you with a list of boldface names at the party. LINK

Richard Johnson and colleagues at the New York Post give the party its very own Page Six treatment. LINK

The publisher needs to sell 1.5 million copies of the book to break even, reports the New York Post. LINK

An estimated 15.4 million people tuned in to Clinton's "60 Minutes" interview, reports Lisa deMoraes. LINK

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