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On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times' Robin Abcarian compared the "classic portrait of American privilege" that describes the lives of both President Bush and Sen. Kerry. For anyone who wants/needs a refresher on the backgrounds of the President and the Senator, this is a must read -- particularly Abcarian's pointing out the difference between "real wealth" (Bush) and being "comfortable" (Kerry). LINK

On Sunday, MoDo found the "Just because I could" attitude abundant in both former President Clinton, for whom that was the reason for an affair, and President Bush, who she said used it as a reason to go into Iraq. But Clinton's, she wrote, did not bring with it a body count. LINK

On Sunday, Yvonne Abraham of the Boston Globe talked to the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, and examined the effect his legacy could have on the Kerry campaign as Democrats try to sort out their conundrum with respect to him. LINK

The Boston Globe's Michael Levenson on Sunday wrote about the effort by Raymond Flynn, the former mayor of Boston and U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, to mobilize Catholic voters for the Democratic National Convention and the fall election. Flynn is working in conjunction with Boston Archbishop O'Malley, who has pledged church support as Flynn visits parishes statewide in the next few weeks. LINK

On Sunday, the Washington Post's Alan Cooperman wrote that evangelical Christians are frustrated and puzzled that the popular uprising against gay marriage has not materialized. LINK

". . . a few skeptics on the Christian right, as well as many on the Christian left, are beginning to conclude that there is more fervor for a constitutional amendment in America's pulpits than in its pews. And politicians of both parties say the issue has had less grass-roots sizzle than they had expected."


The Wall Street Journal reports that health care premiums have risen more slowly this year than in years past, largely due to political pressure from states.

Fred Dicker of the New York Post looks at Rudy Giuliani's eyeing Albany's top job or a run for the White House and how this year's presidential election will impact that decision. LINK

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