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Laura Kurtzan of the San Jose Mercury News Notes the polls that do -- and do not -- exist on Nader popularity. And that "Better Than Bush" is the battle cry leading Nader supporters to Sen. Kerry. LINK

The Arizona Republic suggests Ralph Nader's popularity has dropped in the battleground state. LINK

This Friday the Nader campaign aims to get all 1,000 signatures it needs to make the Oregon ballot in one magical night. The campaign attempted a similar event in April but fell short of the attendance goal possibly due to a NCAA championships game and a discouraging message from Howard Dean. Dean tells the AP "this is not the year for a third party." Both Nader and Dean enjoy strong supporting Oregon. LINK

The Green Party holds its national convention in Milwaukee this week, where Nader may take the nomination though he is not directly politicking for it. His chief rival for Green backing is California attorney David Cobb who tells the Seattle Times if he wins he'll employ a safe-state strategy. "My primary goal is to grow and build the Green Party, but my secondary goal is to have George Bush out of the White House." LINK

Cobb defends the Green Party's standing to the Houston Chronicle: "If anyone thinks we are spoilers, it is because of a system that forces voters to vote against what they hate instead of voting for what they want." LINK

The conventions:

Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe tells the Boston Herald that all the hooplah about traffic problems, fundraising, and construction for the Boston convention will be resolved. LINK

The AP looks at businesses in downtown Boston making "emergency" plans involving transportation and food for during the Democratic National Convention. LINK

The AP Notes the presence bloggers will be at the national party conventions this summer -- guaranteed at the Democratic Convention, not at the Republican Convention. LINK

The Boston Herald breaks the news that those heading to Boston for the convention will not be able to enjoy the Museum of Science, and will have to get to the New England Aquarium early. But art buffs rest-assured, the Museum of Fine Art will be operating business as usual. LINK

New York magazine's Greg Sargent reports Boston is not the only city with possible labor problems come convention time. A dispute between CNN and NABET could prove troublesome for labor/convention relations. Sargent also reports on Kerry's involvement in the dispute. LINK

"Labor leaders asked him to boycott CNN shows, sources say, but Kerry refused, instead penning a private, sharply worded letter to CNN president Jim Walton: 'I find the dismissal of long-term workers and the ouster of their union to be disturbing, and I urge you to do the right thing by reconsidering your actions.'"

The New York Daily News picks up on Crain's report about beefed-up security at Manhattan hotels hosting conventioneers. LINK

Morning show wrap:

Weekend must-reads:

On Saturday, birthday boy Mike Allen of the Washington Post described the dynamic between President Bush and Sen. McCain at a campaign stop last week. LINK

Maura Reynolds of the Los Angeles Times did as well, Noting, "At times, the two men appeared chummy. At others, there were signs of the distance between them rooted in their bitter fight for the GOP presidential nomination four years ago and political disagreements since then." LINK

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