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Harwood Notes "Democratic insiders have settled on a betting favorite to become John Kerry's running mate: Senator John Edwards of North Carolina. What they don't know is whether he is Mr. Kerry's favorite."

The Los Angeles Times ' Nick Anderson focuses his veepstakes story on the pros and cons of Rep. Dick Gephardt. LINK

The New York Times ' Carl Hulse chats with Gephardt about his future … in or out of politics. LINK

Former Edwards supporters are voting with their pocket books by signing checks for Senator Kerry. AP Notes, according to campaign finance reports, of the roughly $74 million Kerry raised in March and April, close to $1 in every $10 came from attorneys. LINK

West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller gives the usual non-denial denial yesterday about his interest in being Senator Kerry's No. 2, saying, "I have no interest in any other job than being the senator from West Virginia." But Rockefeller does admit he has discussed the position: "The Kerry campaign has sought my input on the qualities that are important in a vice president." LINK and LINK

Gov. Vilsack and GOP leaders are disagreeing over the Grow Iowa Values Fund fix, as well as the necessity of a special legislative summer session. LINK

The Kansas City Star examines Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as a potential vice presidential candidate. These writers say that she "has no experience in international affairs," "It is doubtful she would get Kansas … into Kerry's column, " and "Heck, she might even turn off western Missouri voters who hold anything Jayhawk in low regard." LINK

Correction: Despite several private lessons from Adam Kovacevich, communications director for the Democratic Senate candidate from South Carolina, we accidentally misspelled Inez Tenenbaum's name in yesterday's Note. We apologize to the candidate.

The Congress: "The House voted 251 to 178 yesterday to replace an illegal export subsidy with a major tax cut for domestic manufacturers and multinational corporations, setting up difficult negotiations with the Senate on one of the most significant corporate tax bills in 20 years," reports the Washington Post 's Jonathan Weisman. LINK

The Senate voted overwhelmingly to fund an additional 20,000 troops for the Army reports the New York Times ' Hulse. LINK

Ralph Nader: While every nuance in the Kerry Veepstakes drama plays out a national stage, sources with the Nader campaign say he is also deliberating on his number two. A decision may be imminent.

Scarcely more than a week is left until the Green Party names a national presidential candidate at it's convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The conference begins Wednesday June 23. The nominee will be chosen Saturday, June 26. Nader is not seeking the Green nomination but has said he would accept their endorsement. If that happens it will be up to each individual state to determine if he meets the ballot requirement. Developing … LINK

The Cook report's Charles Cook argues a big difference between 2000 and 2004 when it comes to how the public perceives the two top contenders in the race, "the George W. Bush of 2000 was a far less polarizing figure than he is today." And, even with decreased support from 2000 Nader could be more decisive on Nov. 2. LINK

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