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Political people who have a delicious combination of a sense of humor and an appreciation for bipartisan comity/comedy:

A. whoever sat Lynne Cheney next to Bill Clinton at Friday's National Cathredral service for Ronald Reagan (We didn't see them embrace.)

B. whoever sat Karl Rove right behind Al Gore at the same event (We didn't see THEM embrace either.)

C. whoever wrote President Bush's extraordinarily gracious Clinton remarks yesterday

D. the late, great, and already missed Bob Teeter

Political people who have a determined combination of a sense of the jugular and an appreciation for the partisan killer instinct:

A. Michael Moore, whose "Fahrenheit 9/11" screening at the Ziegfield in Manhattan last night proved that the film will be a huge deal in this election year

B. Democratic Rep. Chris Bell, whose ethics complaint against Tom DeLay could remake Washington

C. Vice President Dick Cheney, who is back to touting Saddam Hussein's "long-established ties" with al Qaeda

D. Tad Devine (Kerry) and Steve Schmidt (Bush-Cheney)

If you are an elite (or want to understand that rarified group), read David Brooks' New York Times op-ed piece today, because he has, again, broken the code. LINK

President Bush meets with Jordanian King Abdullah and Afghan President Karzai before speaking to the press with Karzai. Bush also speaks to the Southern Baptist Convention via satellite and attends the congressional picnic on the South Lawn.

Sen. Kerry speaks about the economy to the New Jersey AFL-CIO this morning before flying to Cincinnati for a fundraiser and Columbus for a rally.

The consumer price index increased by 0.6 percent in May, the largest uptick in three years, according to the Department of Labor.

Whose interpretation of the CPI data will reign supreme? Will the market react to the bump on fears that the Fed will raise interest rates sooner than expected? Or is 0.2 percent in core prices -- no food or energy prices in the sample -- small enough to overcome their worries?

When will Democrats begin to argue that inflation is outpacing personal income growth in key states?

And how effectively can the White House make the argument that it's not a bad thing for companies to have more pricing power in a growing economy?

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is expected to move along the path to confirmation for a fifth term in a hearing before the Senate Banking Committee at the Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai addresses a joint session of Congress this morning.

Rep. Chris Bell files a complaint with the House Ethics Committee accusing Rep. Tom Delay of violating ethics and federal laws.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee holds a hearing on oil supply, gasoline demand, and retail gas prices. The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee holds a hearing on efforts to combat terrorism financing. The House Government Reform Committee debates contracting operations in Iraq.

The Senate debates the Defense Authorization bill.

President Bush's bishop, Melvin G. Talbert of the United Methodist Church, and others launch a new ad for Arab television expressing sorrow for Iraqi prisoner abuse and calling it sinful and systemic during a conference call.

Cinema Verite: Michael Moore Takes Manhattan:

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