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"As they walked through the corridors of the White House, it was Hillary Clinton who was on the minds of many of the Democrats. They said it was not an appropriate day to discuss her political ambitions, which may include running for president. Still, their minds imagined the historic possibilities: If Hillary Clinton were elected, her portrait one day would hang in both the first ladies hallway and with those of the presidents." LINK

The St. Pete Times' Bill Adair Notes that the buffet spread laid out for guests can indicate their place in the pecking order. The Clintons got salmon and crabcakes. LINK

The New York Post's Vincent Morris writes up the Monday morning lovefest and also has a report on the Clintons' finances. LINK and LINK

Time will get the first mag interview with Clinton, the Post reports. LINK

The New York Daily News' Kenneth Bazinet writes, "Just days after eulogizing Ronald Reagan, Bush used similar language to describe Clinton." LINK

Rush and Molloy report, "Hollywood and Washington are buzzing about [Meryl] Streep's Hillaryesque portrayal of a diabolical U.S. senator in the updated 'The Manchurian Candidate.'" LINK


Like a good candidate, Ralph Nader stayed on message in Toledo, Ohio yesterday, where he argued his candidacy helps Democrat John Kerry by inspiring people to vote against President Bush. LINK

Nader plans to collect twice that many signatures as required, roughly 10 thousand, for ballot access in Ohio. The extras are a cushion for invalids. The deadline is Aug. 19 for Ohio, where he won 2.5 percent of the vote in 2000. Ohio is expected to be an important battleground this year.

Michael Sangiacomo of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Nader admonished voters yesterday, "that if people spent as much time investigating political leaders as they do sports figures, we would have a great government."

"I spoke with a man who said he voted for George Bush because Bush seemed like the kind of guy he'd sit down and have a beer with," Nader said in Cleveland. "What kind of rationale is that to vote for a president? This comes from a guy who can tell you anything you want to know about his local sports team, but nothing about presidential candidates." LINK

Mother Jones' Daily Mojo chronicles -- and questions the origins of -- recent allegations of wrongdoing surrounding the Nader campaign. LINK

The Sun Herald reports Nader will visit Jackson, Miss., on Thursday where his campaign recently began its ballot access petition drive. Only 1,000 valid registered voter signatures are required. LINK

The conventions:

City authorities consider permits requested by about a dozen groups plotting protests at the Republican National Convention, a day before the deadline for such requests. Concerns about terrorism, traffic and other unauthorized protests during the four-day gathering.

Tom Hays of the AP reports among those applying are: United for Peace and Justice, Not In Our Name and Code Pink-Women for Peace, along with the Green Party, the National Council of Arab Americans and various civil rights and labor groups. LINK

Jennifer Peter of AP writes about what was supposed to be "Mayor Thomas Menino's moment in the sun." Labor woes, the closure of a major highway for security reasons, and John Kerry's reported brief flirtation with holding off on officially accepting the nomination at the convention are among the litany of trouble spots in the road to July 26. LINK

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