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"'It's true that much attention is being placed on the war in Iraq, but there's also another war that's going on,' said Jim Towey, director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, during a conference promoting the funding of religious groups engaged in social service activities. 'It's a culture war that really gets to the heart of the questions about what is the role of faith in the public square.' LINK

"Towey, who has worked for Democrats and Republicans and was a lawyer for Mother Teresa of Calcutta, warned that when faith was driven out of that public square, 'you almost wind up creating a godless orthodoxy,'" reports an astute-eared Peter Wallsten.

President Bush headlined a Victory 2004 fundraiser in Denver last night and told the crowd that "party fund-raising events help ensure there's 'water in the bucket to water our grass roots -- turn out the vote,'" reports AP's Reichmann. LINK

Reichmann Notes that in addition to delivering commencement remarks to the Air Force Academy today, the President will meet with Focus on the Family's James Dobson, "a leading supporter of a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar legal recognition of same-sex marriages."

The President raised $2.2 million for the Republican party at the 200-person event. LINK

President Bush said at the fundraiser the U.S. could face worse attacks than Sept. 11 if he is not re-elected, reports the Rocky Mountain News. LINK

"'It's a choice between an America that leads the world through strength and confidence and an America that is uncertain in the face of danger,' he said. ' know exactly what we need to do to win the war on terror and to bring freedom and peace to the world.'"

Karen Crummy of the Denver Post distilled Bush's remarks to his theme of strong, confident, and steady leadership. LINK

The Washington Post's Robert O'Harrow looks at the e-mail that links Cheney's office and Halliburton and Notes the efforts on the part of the Kerry camp, Rep. Henry Waxman, and other Democrats on the Hill to make an issue out of the connection. LINK

The AP wraps up the Vice President's speech on the Patriot Act yesterday. LINK

Joseph Curl of the Washington Times looks at the BC04 strategy to pick up a greater percentage of Jewish voters in November. LINK

"The Bush-Cheney campaign, according to one Jewish official who works closely with the White House, is looking to pick up about a third of the Jewish vote this year, similar to the support former Republican President Ronald Reagan, a strong advocate of Israel, received in his two successful campaigns."

To avoid the mistakes of presidential campaigns past, the BC04 team sent chief strategist Matt Dowd to dig through the papers at the presidential libraries of Ford, Reagan and Bush 41, Bill Adair of the St. Petersburg Times reports in an interesting look at how far back the campaign began to prepare for the election year and what the top strategists were looking for. LINK

"The hundreds of old papers revealed the problems of unclear leadership (Bush 1992), the danger of failing to respond to voters' concerns (Ford 1976) and the risk of starting late (Bush 1992). Those lessons have been incorporated into the Bush-Cheney campaign and can be seen in its early, aggressive start."

"Said Dowd, 'The way to make as few mistakes as possible is to learn from the mistakes others have made.'"

Note Note: who knew that Dowd was a condiments stain expert???!!!

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